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    We seem to have developed a leak over the weekend and we need someone to come (soon, please) to diagnose and repair. Suggestions for someone honest and competent most welcome.



    Is it a gas leak (turn off the gas!)

    or a water leak.

    Any plumber can deal with the water leak whether it be soldered copper or flare/compression fittings. They will tell you if they are liscened and bonded for whatever system you have. There is a plumbers reccomendation thread elsewhere in these forums.

    I do my own.

    Is it leaking where you can see the pipe? Is it leaking at a fixture/radiator/ PEX hose? In side the wall?

    Do whatever is necessary to stop further damage/danger while you shop around.

    For replacement and re configuration I used Brennan. No complaints but they were not the cheapest bid. I threw out the cheapest bid based on word of mouth and it seems others on this forum have the same opinion of a local company.



    It’s gas. I called the gas company. They’re on their way. You probably saved my life (or a few brain cells.) :-) Thanks, as always! c

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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