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    Has anyone been to Itto’s yet? I’ve been twice – it is so good! Crowded with people waiting when we went on a Saturday early evening but not too busy on a Monday. Bartender (Devram) was attentive and friendly too.



    Took wife and daughter there one night about 4:45 or so. It was okay. Definitely not a good family spot due to the limited seating in the back which was overwhelmed and lacking the character of the front room. Food was definitely a nice change of pace for W. Seattle, though, and we liked most of what we tried. Nothing “wow” though, surprisingly. We’d hoped for a dish our two that would knock or socks off but nothing was too memorable. Will have to try it adults-only in the bar sometime. I think that’s more of its sweet spot.



    We have been to Itto’s twice and I want to RAVE about this place. The food was absolutely delicious and some of the best we’ve eaten in Seattle. I’m sorry PLS did not have such a spectacular experience, I can only think it must have been an off night? Seriously, we seldom rave about restaurants, but my wife and I both could not stop stuffing ourselves at Itto’s. We tried about five different small plates and every one of them was amazing. Plus, even though they were crazy busy, our food did not take overly long and was hot and fresh. The seating is mighty crowded on a busy night, but go in more of an early dinner hour on a weekday and it is very pleasant. Highly recommend!!!



    I’ve been there once and it was great. Very unique food and flavor combinations with a cool ambiance. I will definitely go again. It is kind of small and stuffy in there in the summertime though, so maybe be careful when visiting it on a hot summer day.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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