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    My diabetic dog just passed away and I have a newly opened 100 unit vial of “Humulin N” insulin. I really want to find someone who can use this. If anyone uses this type of insulin please reply.

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    If nobody responds, try calling Lien Animal. They may be able to contact an owner that could use it.

    How kind and thank you for keeping others in mind while you are dealing with a terrible loss.




    Thank you Talaki. Vets are not allowed to do that and I am having a hard time finding any place to donate because of the coronavirus. I am just hoping someone knows someone, who knows someone,…???



    TDog, condolences on the loss of your dog.

    Another option, although it would mean a trip down to Pioneer Square which I don’t know the feasibility of for you under current circumstances, might be the Doney Clinic. They provide veterinary care to the pets of unhoused folks.

    Here is their website, to contact them and ask:





    Thank you for thinking of others during your own grief.

    What is the expiration date on the insulin and what type is it? Just asking as Furry Faces may be able to hold onto it until COVID-19 shutdowns end.

    If you prefer, here are three suggestions on where to donate:

    1. Doney Coe clinic is a good option. Dr. King, relief Veterinarian at Lien, volunteers with the Doney Coe Clinic and manages the Doney medication list. He will know if insulin is needed. With that being said, Lien is very busy right now as they have implemented COVID-19 best practices. This means every appointment takes longer, etc. So it may take awhile to get a response.

    2. Seattle Veterinary Outreach – We believe they take medication donations.
    • Main Contact is Deborah Terwilliger:

    3. Rainier Animal Fund Wellness Clinic –
    Rainier Animal Fund Wellness Clinic
    • Main Contact is Virginia Piper:
    • General:
    • Donations:

    Thanks again for your kindness and generosity.

    Take Care, Furry Faces Foundation

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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