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    Live in High Point, but currently work in Redmond(currently, soon to change to Seattle perhaps). Wondering what quality (Montessori?) daycare options are out there in West Seattle? Also curious to the average cost for a 3-4 month old 3-4 days a week or so – all hypothetical of course. Just want to plan ahead…. :)



    I’m pretty sure WS Montessori doesn’t accept anyone who isn’t yet potty trained, but it was some years ago when I was looking into it. My daughter started at Fauntleroy Children’s Center at 4 mos and stayed there 2-3 days a week for 6 years; they provide childcare through age 12.

    When she was an infant, 2 days/week cost about $800/month, but I know it’s gone up since then. In her last year we were paying about $500/month for 3 days/week, including transportation to and from school.



    I think there is a long waiting list for Fauntleroy Children’s Center.



    In general, finding care for infants is very hard, so start early and get on waiting lists! FCC (already mentioned) and Mount St. Vincent are always highly recommended, but have LONG waiting lists (if you can even get on them). The Montessori programs are generally for older kids, but I believe one of them in WS does accept kids under 2. If you’re open to all kinds of daycare, the subscription to http://www.childcare.org/ is worth it– it will allow you to search daycare options by zipcode, including the licensed family daycares (run by individuals in their own homes). We found that for infants, we preferred (for our two children) the smaller environment that in-home daycare offers, as well as the exposure to older children. There are some great folks out there running extremely high-quality daycares, so you might consider it. Most in-home daycares are licensed for a total of 6 children (only 2 under the age of 2). I think the going rate is between $50-60/day for infants, a little less once your child turns 2. The bigger centers are a bit more expensive (but may have better hours or less mandatory vacation time). Good luck!



    Does anyone know of a resource for finding nannies? Thanks!



    Can’t help you there, I never placed our kids in daycare. They did attend preschool but only 2-3 days a week and only for afew hours.

    But I do know of a great service that provides nannies in West Seattle, here is their website:


    Good luck!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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