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    On Friday evening I and 2 friends had dinner at this restaurant. There were 2 servers present. They had only 3 tables to attend to. Service was slow at best. My friends were served their dinners way before mine arrived. I encouraged them not to let their food get cold, but they waited until mine was served. It was some time before that happened. I had a gift certificate that was purchased there before the new owners came on board. They absolutely refused to honor it because the restaurant was now owned by someone else. After researching this they absolutely did have to honor it. So, I left a very unhappy customer! I will never go back! My husband would like to take them to small claims court. He may just do it on principle.



    I’m curious if you were told no by the owner or an employee?
    If you didn’t speak to the owner you might consider sharing your experience and frustrations with them. There may have been enough staff, but that doesn’t mean they were experienced. It’s hard to keep quality staff.



    I guess slow service is always a bummer, and it can be especially annoying when some of your group’s food arrives before others. And it’s pretty frustrating when a gift certificate is refused, especially when you know it should be accepted. But on a brighter note, have you ever been to Riwa Restaurant and Bar in Fussen (https://www.riwa-restaurant.de/de/)? We went there last month because our neighbors advised us about that spot. It’s perfect for a night out with friends or a cozy date night. Just a rec, folks.

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    I’m confused. Did you really mean to recommend a restaurant in Germany in a West Seattle community forum?

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