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    So the other night I was feeling incredibly lazy and we didn’t have any food in the house. I wasn’t in the mood for pizza, but couldn’t think of anyone else who delivers out here. Any suggestions for future reference? Links to online menus would be most helpful too… thanks!



    Tom Yum Koong in The Junction delivers Thai.

    (206) 937-2126

    Can’t find a menu online.



    Amante on California has more than pizza and they deliver. We tried them once and they were just OK.

    Just today we saw a van for “Restaurants to Go” ( driving around. Seems like they deliver from various restaurants in the city. Kind of like Kozmo, but just for food?



    I wouldn’t recommend Amante. We’ve tried them a few times and were pretty underwhelmed.

    Luciano’s also has more than Pizza -Gyros, sandwiches, pasta, etc. They are much better than Amante, IMO.

    Also, if you like Indian try Maharaja. It’s surprisingly good.

    I’ve yet to find acceptable Thai delivery in West Seattle. For now, I’ll continue to get take out from Buddha Ruksa. The garlic chicken is to die for!



    Lucy,I agree…I much prefer Luciano’s over Amante’s. And Luciano’s now has a website where you can order online – love the hummus and spinach salad :)



    I have a dream that Lee’s Asian will start delivery service! We’d feel like a real live city if we had that!



    Data point, even pizza places are diversifying. WSB sponsor Garlic Jim’s, for example, has decent salads, as well as wings. But overall, the dearth of delivery is indeed kind of surprising. In some other Western cities, even non-pizza franchises offer delivery – visiting family in Las Vegas some years back, we noticed delivery numbers on the windows of places such as El Pollo Loco (which we wish would come to this state).



    Luciano’s delivers yummy pasta and salads. But watch out if you order pizza from Luciano’s, they have a good scam going. If you order a large pizza, they consistently upsize you and sell you an extra-large. They don’t give you a total, so you don’t figure it out until the pizza’s at your door. A friend was ordering a bunch of large pizza’s for a gathering. We warned her of this, when they didn’t give her a total at the end she called back and confirmed that they had charged her for extra larges. She asked them to change the order and they refused, so my friend ended up with an extra $50 in pizza.

    Ho-win has pretty good and cheap Chinese food.



    We order from Luciano’s a couple times a month and only once had a problem (and that was with a teenage attitude taking the order). We’ve never been over-charged for anything there, ever. We’ve also always received a repeat word-for-word of our order and a price, with tax.



    Al…that’s been my experience, too…and nice delivery guys…and really big half salads :)



    Thank you thank you thank you for the link to ordering Luciano’s online! I developed laryngitis, and I was sooo wanting delivery that I didn’t have to phone in (that also wasn’t Pizza Hut).

    Excellent! Will check this blog more often!



    Thanks for the Luciano’s online ordering info! This is very lazy, but I live behind them on 44th, and some nights, I don’t want to talk to anyone on the phone, nor walk the half-block to pick up. :-)



    hey, I totally understand….I live right behind Adm. Safeway, and it gets here quick. The online service is great….and…they remember you.:))



    I like Amante’s. We ordered from them last night. Lee’s used to deliver. I wish they still did.



    I called Ho Win last weekend and the food was good. I live at Alki, quite a distance from the restaurant, and I still had my order within a half an hour.

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