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    new resident.. thank you very much and i am sorry if i got a little testy. and yes, i am sure i will like you just fine when we meet.

    some of my best friends are republican:) don’t ask me how we got to be friends, but with a family like mine it was probably inevitable ;-) those were my brothers I was talking about:)

    now.. if i could just find some chocolate. i seem to have eaten through my stash…. this head soaking thing is no substitute.

    and yes JT… theHouse does seem to do a lot of complaining… about what everyone else says… tho i don’t think we can dun him too badly for voting for whoever his party puts up… after all, i will do the same.

    i do expect to get more for my vote tho:)

    ok.. in all fairness… something tells me he would say the same.. but maybe more about what he wouldn’t get than what he would:)

    off hunting chocolate.. deep dark chocolate…



    And, Job, for what it’s worth…. I obviously don’t know House (just like I don’t know anyone else on this site), but I’m pretty sure that House respects your opinion and perspective too. I really don’t think he would give you the time of day if he didn’t enjoy debating with you. It just seems to me that House responds to both you and Jan and not many other people on this site. All three of you have very insightful views and I know I enjoy reading all of your posts.



    JoB bows in new resident’s direction as she goes off in search of chocolate… this may take a trip to the store:)



    I have mad love for all my WSB homies.

    Stop flakin’ and perpetratin’, yo.

    And JT, I am not complaining. Read the title of the thread. I had a dilema and started dialogue, then was asked to fend who I would actually like as President of the United States. All you did in your post was restate my original dilema. Thanks for your insight! :)



    nice spots house.



    No, House, you had a dilemma. I don’t expect reason or logic from the right…but, perhaps, judicious use of a spellchecker? Now, if I were a good little lib, I’d insert a smiley here and we’d all be friends. But I’m not…so I won’t.

    PS — to my WSB friends who *are* good libs, I stand in respectful awe of your patience and good humor.

    Good night and good luck.

    the charla half



    Improper spelling is a pet peeve of mine as well and I do attempt to spell everything correctly (visual glance), but I promise it will improve.



    House, i have found the spell checker on the site very useful.. of course it doesn’t get me past all of it, but it sure does help. And if i actually read my posts and edit after i post (that blue background and larger type does wonders for me) it really helps.

    and charlabob.. how dare you imply that i am a good little lib. you really have to get to know me better ;-0

Viewing 8 posts - 51 through 58 (of 58 total)
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