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    Hide yo Prius
    Hide yo Wife

    Two guys just stole my cat
    1300 block of Alki
    Silver/Light Green early 90s Honda Civic hatchback with white wheels
    Super loud exhaust, went North.

    It seems like it takes one driver parked down the way, and two guys to manipulate the car. One to spot, the other on the ground doing the work. They use handheld chain cutters to remove it “silently”. The only real noises are the floor jack, and any clunks they make.

    I heard something, walked out and said to myself “Hey they’re stealing my cat”. The guy gave me a really mean glare so I proceeded to walk my conflict-averse rear back inside and call to report it rather than risk engaging with these fools.

    My neighbor also has a Prius and installed an anti-theft plate. If you have a Prius I highly encourage these.

    Peace and love,

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