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    Does anyone know of a groomer who does matt shaving for cats? My cat is long haired. I want to avoid the high fees and unnecessary tests incurred at last vet visit for mat shaving (which included total anesthesia, boarding fee, blood work, etc. etc. –all tests came back with kitty in excellent health and with a bill of $500.00 : for mat shaving!)ANy ideas about mobil vets or groomers? My cat hates to go in the carrier to the vet. She had all those expensive tests because: 1. it’s advised when using anesthesia and 2. her blood pressure shot up because she was so stressed about going to the vet (not uncommon)All tests confirmed there were no health issues at all.When she was younger she got matts shaved without any need for sedation.I need a cat whisperer. At her age, anesthesia can be hard on a cat’s liver, etc. I really don’t want to totally sedate her. Valium makes her hyper (she fights it) Is there a tranquilizer that works on cats so she won’t need total anesthesia? Please advise.



    I would suggest calling Muttley’s and talk to them about mat-shaving and whether you can get it done while you wait vs dropping the cat off. They only groom cats on Sundays.

    I have no info on mobile cat grooming service, but wouldn’t that be great?!?

    I have two long-haired cats. I had Muttley’s shave the lower-stress goofball cat and he was pretty freaked out when I picked him up but was fine once I got him home. The other is a high-stress cat so I didn’t even try to get him shaved this year, but I did buy a Furminator to use at home which is messy as heck but really thins out the fur. I don’t think you’re supposed to use it on mats though, so I’m just mentioning it for ongoing maintenance.



    There is an individual down at Nickelsville who is a mobile groomer. I have no idea if this individual can help or not, but it sounds like they would come to your home.



    Call Cecilia’s Temple of Groom, she might do cats.



    Thanks all! Squareeyes: sounds like your high stress cat is similar to mine.The furminator sounds great. My cat is 15, and after all the vets,combs and brushes from petco, etc., I only this year realized how effective a single row metal comb is for long hair cats, so situation should be better going forward (also with the furminator).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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