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    I’ve asked some people in person, and the answer always tends to be a “weeeeellll… sort of but you will have to baby it and may never get fruit.” However I got a lot of skepticism about my plans to grow peaches in my backyard, and by selecting a suitable variety (Frost, for the record) I get more peaches than I know what to do with every summer. Are there citrus varieties that will produce edible fruit here? I’m not expecting prime ruby grapefruits or anything, but has anyone had personal success with something intended to be more sour like a lemon or lime tree? Maybe a kumquat?



    Yes, you will have to baby it and may never get fruit. Most citrus trees want a very consistent amount of sunlight, which is why they grow in Florida and not here. If you have a greenhouse or somewhere else indoors with great sun exposure then you can make it work, but you have to pay attention to other details like water level and soil chemistry.

    I have a small lemon tree in a giant pot that I can move inside and out. In the summer I can keep it outside where it gets enough sun and it becomes fairly low-maintenance, but in the winter I have to move it inside due to the cold, and even in a well-sunlit room it still is clearly in need of attention for the lack of direct sun. I’ve managed to keep it alive yet it still only produces 2-3 usable lemons per year.



    Ask the people at West Seattle Nursery.



    Yes, it is possible to grow citrus in West Seattle, but it may be more challenging compared to other regions where citrus is more commonly grown. Citrus trees require a warm and sunny climate to thrive, and West Seattle’s cool and wet climate may not provide the ideal conditions for them. However, with proper care and attention, it is possible to successfully grow citrus in West Seattle.

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