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    I would love recommendations for a good local butcher. Also, good fish monger and cheese shop would be good as well.




    I can’t think of an independent butcher in the area, but if you find yourself in Columbia City, stop by Bob’s Meats on Rainier Ave. S. They were in the junction years ago, it’s family operated, and they have always had great meats.

    Seattle Fish is on the west side of Calif. Ave. just north of SW Oregon near north of the junction. And…try Met Market or PCC in the Admiral District for some great cheeses….they both sell Beecher’s Flagship, etc…yummy cheese made at the Pike Place Market…as well as others, esp. Met Market…



    While it may sound counter-intuitive, Metropolitan Market has given me good service. Once, when I served a leg of lamb for dinner, I’d been disappointed by the cut of meat offered by a Queen Anne butcher despite the fact I’d told him that I needed to wrap it around a London Broil…it just kinda of disintegrated when I tried to wrap it, and no amount of twine would help. I ended up messing the main course up. But it started with the less than desirable cut of lamb the butcher foisted on me.

    For my second dinner involving lanb, I didn’t want to go to Costco, and went instead to MM. I asked a random butcher there about what I was cooking, and he not only picked out a superb cut, he also dressed it for me, carving off fat and weirdo chunks..before weighing it!

    Yes, it cost more per pound than Costco, but I didn’t have to hazard the digits to dress it, and I would’ve thrown the extra parts away. My dinner was a a preparation pain, but not literally a pain thanks to the Met Market butcher.

    That being said, I’ve gotten good service from Fero’s Meats at the Pike Place Market (away from the fish abusers, in the Sanitary Market down the stairs under Metskers).

    For fish MM can be good but pricey, but the Seattle Fish Company rocks. Good fish, good prices. When the season is running they are price competitive with QFC, MM, though Safeway’s prices beats them if you are a member. But I like the fish I get there and trust them to treat it well before I buy it.

    At Pike Place Market, I like City Fish, less flash, better fish, and less tourii. They are willing to answer questions and are friendly. I don’t want my fish tossed through the air–good entertainment, but not with the dinner.

    My two centavos. JD.



    Carniceria El Paisano (White Center)

    It may be not as sleek as other chain grocery stores, but I’ve always been given great service

    and when I wanted 4 good Porterhouse steaks, he brought

    the whole slab out and I showed him with my fingers how thick. (my mouth is watering thinking about it)

    Later that week, my Carne Asada was thinly sliced, oranges placed on top, splashed with Orange juice then rolled up and bagged to-go.

    More info on this small Butcher,

    Seattle Times Story: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2003014872_paisano26.html




    I will check out Seattle Fish for sure!!

    I have not enjoyed my experiences with the cheese counter at MM – they have a good selection (for sure); however, I have found the counter staff short and not as helpful and patient as I would like. I usually visit during the day (between 10 am and 3 pm)- weekdays, but they always seem busy and preoccupied – not as willing to help as I guess I would like.

    It sounds like their meat department has given good service in the past though – I will check them out!



    JayDee, why do you consider the fish markets at Pike “abusers”?

    As for reccomendations, the White Center buthcher listed above is fantastic and I’ve heard of many people reccomending them.

    West Seattle Fish Market (also mentioned above) has a great selection of fish. Otherwise, I would simply go down to Pike.



    Thanks Trick and House! Carniceria El Paisano sounds amazing!!!



    Well, it was more a tongue in cheek comment about the fish place that draws crowds by tossing salmon in the air. Great photo op for tourii, not so much if you want to buy fish. I also wonder what happens to the missed catch of the day? Half-price perhaps?

    City Fish is less showy, they know their fish, and it is easy to get to.



    I generally go to one of the fish markets down the way from where they throw the fish. It’s just past Uli’s Sausage (which is some of the best sausage around).

    May I suggest their Butt Cheeks?



    For the best and freshest fish, Mutual Fish, 2335 Rainier Ave South, has been there forever, “owned and operated by three generations of the Yoshimura family since 1947” – they really know their business. http://www.mutualfish.com/History.htm



    I keep suggesting to Seattle Fish that they consider adding a live butcher. It’d be great to get high quality fish and meat at the same location.



    I wonder if Bernie and Boys Market down off of First Ave is still good for the attention you get from the butcher. I might check it out, I have been wanting a good cut of lamb. Does anyone know if I can get lamb from Carniceria El Paisano? I have been intending to stop in there for a long time. It gets loads of raves!



    The crab cakes at Seattle Fish are amazing. They’re not cheap but worth a splurge.

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