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    Hello Friends,

    I suppose thatmy wife and I are gulible persons to believe that the Hope Lutheran School program was not be a daily diet of reliigious teachings and lessons for our pre-schooler.

    We were told otherwise..our mistake in believing the respresentation that the teachings would be once a week, for example.

    Thanks, responders, anyway for what you said. It kinda shook us a bit to see it your way.

    Do know that I wrote solely to inform any other parents who mght be in our situation so day to not believe if you are told something similar upon visiting the school. That is all.





    Are you joking? it’s a religious school. of course they will proselytize.



    and you will pay for the privilege :(



    Why did it shake you and why on earth would you not expect a preschool in a religious establishment to not incorporate religion into their day to day curriculum? I struggle to believe that they misled you, rather that you misunderstood, after all, why should they lie to you?



    Our kids were in a pre school in the basement of a church in West Seattle and there was no religious instruction. It is possible. Maybe marke was misled. Let us give him the benefit of the doubt.



    It really depends. I work for a religious college the denomination of which I do not share–it’s not a job requirement. (There are other religious colleges where it IS a job requirement, and I don’t work for them.) They have chapel services three times a week but attendance is voluntary. Students have to take a certain number of religion courses but they are courses ABOUT religion, not Bible study (there’s a church across the street if that’s your bag).

    I’d be surprised if Hope Lutheran was proselytizing because they’re ELCA which tends to draw a sharp line between religion and academics, but I also have no direct experience with them so can’t say whether marke was misled or misinterpreted. In either event it’s always good to ask about when a school has a religious affiliation, and go elsewhere if it turns out not to be a good fit.



    Please note the distinction between schools and preschools that rent space from a church (like the preschool that cluelessinws mentioned), and schools run by a church. (Hope Lutheran is run by the Hope Lutheran church.) Just because a school is located in a church does not mean it is affiliated, or endorses or promotes, the teachings of the church. It may simply be the best rent available.)



    Hope Lutheran lists religion as one of the “core subjects” in its academic page.


    The curriculum page lists “religion” as the top subject for every single grade level.



    The first sentence of the pre-school page reads:

    “Preschool at Hope Lutheran School is a fun, happy place full of opportunities to explore our world with hands-on learning in a safe nurturing Christ-centered environment.”

    Preschool 3 & 4

    The title of this thread “Beware…” really bothers me. I’m not convinced OP did an adequate amount of research before enrolling child in the school.



    skeeter, not to mention that on that same page it also says:

    “To nurture and build a child’s spiritual growth and character, we share our Christian faith through Bible stories, prayer and worship times, and we strive to model and teach the “Fruits of the Spirit:” Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control—Galatians 5:22.”

    It’s possible that verbally they did tell the OP differently. They may believe that what they are teaching is not “teaching religion” because it’s a basic part of their faith.

    And Julie brings up a good point about rentals – Sweet Pea preschool rents space at Westside UU Church, but has no affiliation with the church, so they would not have any religious teachings (unless it’s part of Sweet Pea’s model, which I believe it is not).



    my daughter is now almost 35, but…when she was teeny, I enrolled her in a local “Christian” school..knowing full well what I was doing. She spent 4 years there, from pre-school (wonderful) to 2nd grade. Three of those 4 years were wonderful. The 4th year things went haywire, and the teacher was a little off the wall with her brand of “christianity”. When I realized I was not quite “Christian enough” for the school, I moved on to public school. She has grown into a great adult, smart, informed, a good mom, a moral person. You have to do your homework, ask friends, neighbors for opinions, etc. Know what you’re getting into, and if it doesn’t jibe with your beliefs, then go elsewhere.

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