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    Looking to make a difference and not just go to work? We are looking for you if you are looking for us! We are a chiropractic/ wellness clinic with 25 years history of excellence.

    This is a PART TIME position with full time potential. Sales or PR/marketing experience needed. $16-$25 BOE plus bonuses based on performance.

    Duties include many aspects of marketing and sales, social media, event planning and performing, networking, internal and external events.

    Must have the following qualities:
    *Flexible Hours
    *Strong work ethic
    *Outgoing, social and bubbly
    *Task oriented
    *Must be able to talk to strangers
    *Team Player
    *Positive outlook
    *Hard working
    *Always goes the extra mile
    *Detail oriented
    $16-25 plus many opportunities for bonuses
    Please email your resume only, No Phone Calls. Include in your cover letter why you are a great fit for this position.




    What company is offering this position and what is their contact information?



    Hmmm, they’re looking for someone “quick and smart” – looks like figuring out what business it is is part of the test. Based on the wording of the article, I did a search and found a similar posting on Craigslist. There was an address, which I googled, and found the Roxbury Spine and Wellness clinic:

    So, do I get the job?? :)



    Haha, Pangolin…. nice work, they should totally hire you or offer a “finder’s fee” for daniellekay!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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