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    Schmitz Park Dad

    I watched a news story last month indicating that Comcast was increasing Internet speeds. Since that announcement, I have been experiencing horribly slow Comcast Internet speeds, such that it can take 15 to 30 seconds to open a simple Internet site such as Google’s homepage (same result on other basic sites). I have contacted Comcast three separate times, each time they made some adjustments that seems to improve the speed for only about a day.

    During each call, the technicians I spoke to tried to sell me upgraded, faster service or try to bundle me into other services I do not need or want. It seems odd, if not unethical, to have their technicians work also as sales people. There appears to be a recurring pattern with Comcast lately where my Internet speed is unbearably slower than ever and the people at Comcast I contact for help are trying to sell me unwanted services to fix the problem that did not previously exist. Perhaps they are trying to secure their spot once again on the top of the Worst Company in America list.

    Anyone else noticing a drastic slowdown in their Comcast Internet speed?



    Can’t say that I’ve noticed anything specific this week down near the ferry dock but I sure have had what you are experiencing periodically down here as well.

    So nice to have competition that I can switch to that has competitive speed and doesn’t jack my rates every few months. Oh wait…



    Oh yes, definitely. I have Performance Starter, which is one of their lower, slower tiers. But in the past 2 months it has become crawling way less than it had been. I tried to stream a 45 minute TV show last week and it took over 2 hours with all the buffering and connection lost pages. Opening a new internet page is maddening with how long it takes. I could do all these things until recently with the same tier.



    reset your modem



    Can’t speak for the OP, but I did every troubleshooting thing in the book including resetting the modem (more than once), unplugging all the internet cables, rebooting the computer … checking settings … nothing changes in terms of the quality of the connection.



    I haven’t had any major issues since around the time that someone started a Thread here a couple month-ish ago, talking about horrendous slowdowns over a few days or so.

    It seems be a bit slow at times; maybe Google hanging a bit, until it seems like it gets a tiny nudge and then finishes loading at seemingly normal speed.

    And, SPD, what you share of having to go through in calling them, is precisely why I’m too chicken to call about any issues, especially like during that time a couple months ago.

    Highland Park/S. Delridge, W7, Chrome.




    My speeed doubled, Blast! service is around 100Mbps. The critical thing for these doubled speeds is that you have a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. If you haven’t gotten an upgraded modem from comcast in over 5 years it’s not DOCSIS 3.0. If you are using a comcast modem it’s $7/mo rental fee. A cost of which after 10-11 months you could buy a brand new DOCSIS 3.0 modem from Costco for $80. I also do not recommend using a Comcast wifi router because they will broadcast free “Xfinity Wifi” to your neighborhood for any comcast customer to log in to bogging down your service.

    If you do have new equipment make sure you power cycle in the proper order. Modem and router unplugged for 2+ minutes (watch a stop watch), plug in modem and wait for the lights to go steady, plug in router and wait for lights to steady.



    Hey tricky,

    I have Blast! as well. Running speed test I average around 50Mbps (download, i think?) which is HUGELY faster than what I am used to.

    Xfinity did send me a new modem which I have not set up yet since I fear it won’t “talk” to my airport extreme(Apple router) and I will be back at square 1.

    Do you think I can just unplug my old modem and plug in the new one and see even FASTER speeds? I have a couple airport “express” set up for air tunes (streaming music) and I get nervous changing anything when it has been working so long!



    Check that.

    You explained it perfectly!



    My blast is now 125 down


    Schmitz Park Dad

    I just followed Comcast’s instructions on power cycling the modem and my Internet speed seems to have improved. The Comcast modem is no longer than one year old. Download speed is 59 Mbps (not paying for Blast). This speed seems acceptable for what we do.

    What’s odd is that we have power cycled the modem four times in the past month when the speed has been slow. Is this something that now needs to be done regularly with Comcast? Thanks



    Sometimes the modem can clog up so to speak. Especially if the power flickers or goes out, when it comes back on it doesn’t always shake hands with Comcast just right.

    Smitty – if you buy a new modem you have to call Comcast and have them provision it (they send the software file to your modem so it can talk to their server) and provide them the number off the modem and you’re good to go. It’s a fairly painless process given how they usually operate. The main thing is to say you got your own equipment and you would like it provisioned.

    I’ve been down many streets with Comcast over the years and somehow still have enough patience with the tech support that I have to do the calls for my mom too. I got disconnected at my old apartment complex all the time when other people moved and they cut the wrong service.



    I can verify that Comcast has recently been pushing the “Xfinity Wifi” that I’m assuming log’s in to nearby Comcast customers and perhaps bogs them down; during last week of December my wifi alert showed an open wifi connection, which took me to a free trial of 2 one hour sessions of Xfinity Wifi; I did try it for 2 one hour sessions; now locked out unless I buy; they have offers to buy by the hour, or by the day; or by the month


    WS Person

    a few things to add. Yes, I would rather cut my head off then call Comcast with a technical issue, especially as I am very technical and they refuse to skip past their standard script even though I tell them I’ve done everything they are asking me to do!

    Also, I noticed that our speedtest does show us at around 100mbs download, but I don’t actually see much improvement maybe we are limited by our network cards.

    We wanted to purchase our own docsis modem but since we have Comcast phone service, I don’t

    think we can buy a modem. Anyone know differently?

    Now are just having some wireless problems (using our own router of course) and I think it is due to the filter that Comcast put on our outside box when they upgraded us to x1 (ps they upgraded us for free which just makes the world feel a little freaky). I think the filter is interfering but I just can’t tell for sure.



    Comcast shares your internet connection with your local neighbors (not joking). There are a few things you can do.

    1) Reset your cable modem by unplugging it from it’s power supply for 30 seconds then plugging it back in.

    2) if you have a seperate WiFi router, unplug its power for 30 seconds and plug it back in.

    3) If you have an old modem, you may need to upgrade, some modems will outright stop working if they are too old and Comcast decides to not support them.

    4) Find out which neighbor is using a torrent service to consume all the bandwidth in your area and tell them to stop (risky).

    5) Use OpenDNS (also has tools for better security and parental control on sites your kids can access on your network)

    6) Leave Comcast.



    I’d appreciate any comments from more tech savvy folks. I’ve been getting messages from Comcast to upgrade my modem (for free) for quite some time. I’m reluctant to do that because I prefer my Netgear router which I use for a number of other WiFi connections. According to Comcast I could disable the built- in router in their new modem, but I’m a bit leary of that and even wonder if they’d charge additionally for the router at some point even if I’m not using it. I’m not experiencing any issues with the current set up and I’d think I’d notice problems with Net Flicks movies if the modem speed was in adequate. Any thoughts appreciated.



    JTB – that likely means you have a DOCSIS 2.0 modem. My mom got that letter last year her modem was from 2005! In layman’s terms, it’s like you’re still using Windows 98/XP. They want to give you the combo modem/router for 2 reasons.

    1. they can then provide you with wifi technical support by providing you the standard router they are familiar with and

    2. they provide “Xfinity Wifi” as a public network side by side off of their routers. While that is convenient if I’m say, visiting a friend and don’t have their wifi I can use my comcast login information to use their neighbor’s Xfinity Wifi, but if I start watching every video I can on YouTube their poor neighbor is never going to know what hit their bandwidth! Also I’ve seen that combo box they give out now, and it’s a dinosaur, it’s about the size of a box of cereal. When the tech at my mom’s new house brought it in I told him to take it back with him and hook up the modem I bought my mom. Thankfully he obliged because he agreed that giant box was crap.

    So, grab this modem:

    I’ve seen it locally at Costco and Best Buy. It won’t have telephone service connectivity for those that do triple play. Comcast telephone isn’t even a true landline and wouldn’t function in a power outage anyway, I’ve never seen the point.

    Once you’ve got the new modem from your electronic’s store of choice, call Comcast (I know it sucks) when tech support gets on the line you just tell them “I purchased my own modem equipment and I would like you to provision it for service.” They will ask you to read them the Serial Number and MAC address from the sticker on the modem and then ping it with the information it needs to connect to Comcast. Do not get off the phone until you have verified it works with a computer wired to it. Then power on your router and plug it into the modem. Do not leave your wifi router plugged in during this process as it needs to get the new connection handshake with the new modem once it’s fired up with Comcast.

    Here’s some better info on the Xfinity Wifi hotspot issue:



    Trickycoolj, Thanks!



    thanks to everyone who posted info..

    hubby will be doing the dreaded modem and router dance at our house this weekend and i find it always helps to have as much information as possible beforehand;-)

    i will be leaving the island while he dances with electronics.. judicious bugging out is one of the keys to our successful marriage



    Instead of using the provided Comcast modem and continue to pay a monthly fee, you can purchase your own. I use the Motorola SB6121 and you can purchase it from Amazon (




    Your Apple Airport Extreme is more advanced than your Cable Modem so don’t sweat it. I’m running a V2 (802.11N, no time capsule) Airport Extreme and it was plug & play with no issue after upgrading my modem. Keep it on, swap modems and plug in the ethernet cable. The Airport Extreme should automatically update it’s incoming net settings and update on it’s own. Worst case, you open up your Airport Utility and tell it to reconnect, should be as easy as that. :)

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