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    If you can give this kitty an outdoor home, please contact Jessica (below). Some food, shelter and fresh water will bring this cat to ‘work’ every day…hunting mice, baby rats, gophers and moles. If you are concerned about the birds, both Jessica and I can address that issue, and prevention, directly with you.

    Here is the kitty’s story:

    Gorgeous chocolate point/snowshoe Siamese female needs an outdoor home. She was found giving birth, and having trouble doing so, under a porch in Ballard. Finder brought her to ECEC (emergency clinic) where they removed a deceased fetus and spayed her. I’ve been fostering her and her three surviving kittens. She is making it more and more clear that she does not want human contact. Kittens are now three weeks old, so I am hoping to find a home for her in the next few weeks.

    (And home would need to be willing to properly transition her.)

    Please don’t forward this email to people outside of the Puget Sound area.

    Thank you,


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