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    To all that shop in the Admiral Safeway/Metropolitan Market shopping area,

    I recently was at the gas station next to Metropolitan Market when a women and child, about 30-35 age range, came up to me saying she had just run out of gas and needed a few dollars to get her and her child home. I did not have any cash on me so was unable to give her any.

    Today I spoke to a co-worker of mine who recently moved to the neighboorhood and he told me about her coming up to him yesterday with the same request.

    This woman is very convincing, but she is scamming that general area of parking lots in Admiral so please be warned NOT to give her any money as her story is not true.



    Yes, She approached me at Metropolitan Market and had one child with her -about 6 or 7 years old. She said she ran out of gas. I told her, I don’t have cash but can get her some gas if she had a gas can in the car which she said she did. I asked her to come to the gas station by Safeway with her can. She came there with the car and I told her to pump her gas. She was very polite and asked how much she could pump. I told her to keep going and when it came to about $8.45 cents I told her she could stop. There was another boy and a baby in the car. After going home, I felt bad for not giving her more gas and thought of her for the next 3-4 days. She genuinely needs some help and I still hate to say she is a scammer-especially when she is walking around for gas money. Looks like sometimes she gets money, sometimes gas, sometimes none of those -so she keeps trying to get either money or gas. I do wish there is some help for people like that without having to go to the extra length of finding an excuse to get those few bucks.



    vv100; thank you for going out of your way to help this mom and her babies; agree, wish there was easier/better ways to help so they don’t have to go begging; do you know if they are living in their car? perhaps she can be connected with more helping resources



    Somebody that is asking for cash is not a scammer, regardless of what they are saying. They are simply asking for cash. the fact that she actually had a gas can and accepted gas is further evidence that she had a legitimate need. It’s nice there are people out there that will help.



    Thank you, newnative. It doesn’t matter what anyone says when they’re asking for money. They are in a place in their life where they’re asking a stranger for money. If I’m in a position to help, that’s good enough for me.

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