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    This has come up in a couple of threads so I want to leave a message for all: In a nutshell, I hope these forums can be self-policing. If you feel someone and/or something is getting out of hand, e-mail us to let us know. We read as much of it as we can but cannot keep up with every message in real time – and we did not set this up with the expectation to have to do that. We don’t have paid help right now on any section of the site; hope to be able to do that someday, but for now we need your help and cooperation in keeping this a lively but safe place. The forums are meant to be the place where, unlike the main page, you have more chances to open discussion on what you want to talk about, within reason. But I also have said, and I want to reiterate here, that no discussion on WSB, either forum or comments, will be allowed to deteriorate into the sort of insulting free-for-all that is allowed on some sites, with or without profanity. We don’t want to become such a nanny state that everything is moderated and can only be sweetness and light – but we will not tolerate anyone whose primary interest seems to be in putting others down. There will be a warning in the forum, then a warning note to whatever e-mail address with which the account was registered, and then third alert will be account cancellation. My to-do list includes “write long and detailed policy and post” but that will take time away from covering the news, so in the short run we reiterate that we reserve the right to delete anything at any time for any reason but we REALLY DON’T WANT TO HAVE TO and hope that you will respect the intent of these forums and this site and be respectful of each other. That doesn’t mean agreeing with each other all the time – but if you disagree, respectful disagreement is the code of conduct. Thanks. Any questions or complaints, editor@westseattleblog.com



    lowmanbeach, I very much appreciate the intent to keep these fora civil, if lively. The profanity and profuse mindless back-and-forth insults you refer to on “some sites” gets so tedious, and tends to obscure substantive discussion so much, I generally avoid them–but appreciate having a place where I can learn what my fellow West Seattleites are thinking. Thank you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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