Marijuana Prevention 101 workshop

May 30, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Denny International Middle School Library
2601 SW Kenyon St
WA 98106

Join other high school and middle school parents for an interactive conversation with two adolescent development experts, Stephen Bogan and Yvonne-Monique Aviva, where we will discuss:

The complicated realities for teens on the legalization of cannabis and youths increasing access to highly potent “recreational” cannabis with the potency of cannabis increasing exponentially with some cannabis having a THC content as high as 90%. This increase impacts the developing brain and with short and long term negative effects; including complications for youth at risk for anxiety and depression. We will discuss how teens low perception of harm leads to the increasing use of the drug in adolescents, and the affects of early use on the developing brain which increases the possibility of developing an addiction to cannabis. We will also talk about why kids use, how to respond (as opposed to react) if you find out your teen has used cannabis, and what research tells us that parents can do to decrease the possibly of cannabis use.

Thursday May 30th
Denny International Middle School Library

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