Low-low tides with Seattle Aquarium volunteer beach naturalists

August 12, 2022 all-day
Two locations, varying times

Find them at Constellation Park and Lincoln Park beach at these dates and times:

Sunday, May 29 10am−noon -1.43 at 11:09am
Monday, May 30 10:30am−12:30pm -1.76 at 11:39am
Tuesday, June 14 9:45am−1:15pm -3.97 at 11:22am
Wednesday, June 15 10am−2pm -4.28 at 12:09pm
Thursday, June 16 11am−3pm -4.11 at 12:58pm
Friday, June 17 11:45am−3:15pm -3.47 at 1:48pm
Saturday, June 18 1−4pm -2.42 at 2:40pm
Wednesday, July 13 9:30am−1pm -3.99 at 11:06am
Thursday, July 14 10am−2pm -4.04 at 11:55am
Friday, July 15 10:45am−2:15pm -3.63 at 12:44pm
Saturday, July 16 noon−3pm -2.77 at 1:32pm
Sunday, July 17 1:15−3:15pm -1.48 at 2:20pm
Thursday, August 11 9:30am−12:30pm -3.15 at 10:53am
Friday, August 12 10:15am−1:15pm -2.95 at 11:41am
Saturday, August 13 11am−1:30pm -2.28 at 12:28pm

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