CANCELED – Improvising with Life Lab

May 3, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Fauntleroy Schoolhouse
9131 California SW
West Seattle


Improvising With Life Lab
DATES: Sundays 02/09, 03/08, 04/05, 05/03
TIME: 6:30-8:30 pm
LOCATION: Fauntleroy Schoolhouse
INVESTMENT: $80 for all four labs or $25 individually

Would you like to experiment with how improv can influence your daily life? Step into Play It Out Improv’s laboratory, a microcosm of life, where we experiment with practices that spark “a-ha”s and insights that we can take into our daily lives. There are many ways to get to know ourselves better. What makes improv unique is that we do it in relationship with each other in unknown situations. Sound familiar? Yep, that’s life. Improv can be a powerful, friendly way to practice skills in presence, connection, and play… skills that strengthen our relationships and ramp up our daily joy.

Our format is simple, playful and flexible. We propose questions that come up in our lives. Ones that we genuinely don’t know the answers to… call them wonder questions. Then use improv and other mind/body centering practices to help us have an experience of that question in the Lab.

Here are some questions we’ll play with:

1. I wonder how I can have fun with “doing it wrong”?

In our culture, the context is often right/wrong, good/bad, smart/dumb… etc. This context is supposed to be disrupted in improv, but that doesn’t mean we don’t continue to apply it to ourselves regardless. The Lab is a fun, safe place to notice our experience of “doing it wrong” and even have fun with it!

2. I wonder how I can notice patterns and consciously choose to participate with them or make a new choice?

One of the principles of improv is to notice the pattern, continue it for a while and then break it, releasing lots of energy. When we get stuck in a pattern in our lives, especially one we don’t actively choose, we can feel drained, lose touch with our creativity and feel frustrated. When we practice noticing patterns, we bring more awareness to our lives and when we make new choices, we can significantly increase our aliveness.

3. I wonder how my commitment affects what I create?

Commitment in improv is about being fully in or fully out, no waffling, no limbo. Scenes inevitably go better when improvisers are committed. Committing is the very first step to being present and creating what we want. Without it, who knows where we will go in improv or life?

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