FYI: Law-enforcement air/sea training today

An alert from the King County Sheriff’s Office:

Heads up! Today until 3 PM we are conducting joint training with the King County Water Taxi in Elliott Bay. If you see Guardian One & an increased police presence, there is no cause for alarm.

Guardian One is the KCSO helicopter, which is also used by other law-enforcement agencies including Seattle Police.

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  • James April 18, 2024 (8:04 pm)

    Anymore specific information about this training exercise ? Was able to watch it for a bit this afternoon as the KC Helicopter flew approximately 100ft above the water doing circles along with a 2nd helicopter , a water taxi boat along with what I assume was a Seattle police boat both were doing circles out from the Smith Cove Cruise terminal area in Elliott Bay. Very interesting. So I would be curious what type of training was taking place that included a police helicopter along with boats but may also be secret info unavailable for the public. A few passerby‚Äôs here along the waterfront in W Seattle must not of seen this post on the blog cause they were concerned with what was occurring out there . 

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