WHALES: Orcas return to our area

10:15 AM: Up for Sunday whale-watching? Kersti Muul reports orcas are passing Magnolia, southbound.

10:50 AM: Kersti says (also via comments) they’re in Elliott Bay, straight out from Duwamish Head.

(Added: Orcas photographed by David Hutchinson as they passed Alki Point)

2:18 PM: See comments – now they’re back out in the central Sound.

13 Replies to "WHALES: Orcas return to our area"

  • Kersti Elisabeth Muul February 5, 2023 (10:35 am)

    Transients on a kill, straight out from Duwamish head 

  • Trisha February 5, 2023 (1:41 pm)

    Spotted near Alki beach at 1 pm

  • Kersti Elisabeth Muul February 5, 2023 (1:55 pm)

    Rounded Alki point very close now straight out from me kwa mooks. Southbound travel quickly they’re in a nice tight group now next stop will be lowman

  • Bob Piper February 5, 2023 (1:56 pm)

    Now off Mee Kwa Mooks

  • Kersti Elisabeth Muul February 5, 2023 (2:08 pm)

    • John February 6, 2023 (3:41 am)

      A fellow Z9 shooter! I’m surprised I didn’t spot you most of the people I saw had smaller cameras and lenses that were one or two people that had bigger focal lengths. Where were you shooting from? I was down on Alki for a bit and then later went to Lincoln Park

  • Trileigh February 5, 2023 (2:11 pm)

    Heading south past Emma Schmitz memorial park at 2:02 pm!

  • WSB February 5, 2023 (2:20 pm)

    Thanks for the updates! Looks like the clouds/showers have lifted too. sp better viewing conditions …

  • End of the Line February 5, 2023 (3:08 pm)

    Passed Brace Point about 20 minutes ago headed south.

  • Kersti Elisabeth Muul February 5, 2023 (7:45 pm)

    The big male is T49A1 and he was traveling with a different family group, the T124A2s based on my photos. 4 whales total. Were still southbound after sunset.

    • waikikigirl February 6, 2023 (7:33 am)

      Kersti, Is that normal to travel with a different family group? If not why might he be doing so?

  • Leon Jackson February 7, 2023 (5:47 am)

    Maybe so they don’t become inbred like the southern resident killer whales. Transients thank you for your seal service. 

  • Joshu February 11, 2023 (9:47 am)

    Is anyone else worried these Biggs killer whales don’t know yet that consuming pinnipeds in Puget Sound is dangerous to an Orca’s health? These seals are loaded with toxins from the polluted Puget Sound food web. How long before Biggs hit the same toxin saturation point as southern resident Orcas and get sick and start dying? Can’t blame it on fishermen in Alaska then. It will be squarely the fault of Washingtonians because we failed to act and make the prey available to Orcas safe. Lack of political willpower to act on best available science I guess. 

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