UPDATE: ‘Rescue extrication’ response at 20th/Roxbury

5:57 PM: Avoid the area. We’re en route to find out what happened.

6:14 PM: We are juat arriving. A reader texted this photo:

6:22 PM: The driver went into a ditch that’s been netted off as part of road work. No serious injuries, firefighters tell us – no one needed to be taken to a hospital.

7:51 PM: A texter says the car’s been pulled out, so the scene should be entirely clear shortly.

14 Replies to "UPDATE: 'Rescue extrication' response at 20th/Roxbury"

  • AMD February 3, 2023 (6:31 pm)

    That whole intersection is a menace.  The road is BAD.  I really hope they have a plan to re-pave after they’re done.  Glad to hear no serious injuries.

    • Anthony Lilly February 3, 2023 (8:25 pm)

      The City waits SO LONG between work 

    • AMD February 4, 2023 (6:49 pm)

      This is a county project.

  • Kt February 3, 2023 (6:54 pm)

    That explains why I just saw a 120 drive in front of my house…I don’t live on an arterial.Thanks for keeping up in the loop.

  • Jim February 3, 2023 (6:56 pm)

    The city has been tearing up the street since this summer or before and it’s stupid because they are taking way too long, in addition there’s tons of other street around the community that has been a total mess for an extremely long time tearing up the street.

    • WSB February 3, 2023 (8:03 pm)

      This isn’t a city project – it’s for the RapidRide H Line, described in the latest construction bulletin from King County as “Grading, forming and pouring sidewalk, curb, and ADA-compliant ramps.” – TR

      • Kim February 4, 2023 (7:09 am)

        It’s a waste of money for rapid line, it’s been an awful mess for an extremely long time to the community who attempts to drive in the White Center community! Sidewalks have been dug up and not completed for months and creates a hazardous walking for old people and people in wheelchairs and people attempting drive around. King Country needs to get their act together and finish! This area where the crash has occurred has been dug up before summer time. 

  • Todd Miller February 3, 2023 (7:08 pm)

    The driver wiped out the lighted arrow caution sign. I think this is the 2nd car in the hole in 4 weeks . The hole has been in progress for 2 years as I recall it.  It is right at the top of a hill too. 

  • Sunny.206 February 3, 2023 (7:49 pm)

    Glad there wasn’t any bad injuries. How is a contractor allowed to have a pit open for this long?

  • Jo February 3, 2023 (7:49 pm)


    • em February 3, 2023 (8:40 pm)

      like, totally 

  • Angelito February 4, 2023 (12:25 am)

    I understand supply shortages caused by the pandemic but that stretch has been “holed” out for several months now. 

  • momosmom February 4, 2023 (7:33 am)

    I’m glad no one was hurt physically but the under carriage of their car is probably messed up. Roxbury is a mess, has been a mess for way too long. It wasn’t any good before they started this project, ruts, bumps  and holes everywhere!

    And now let’s talk Ambaum Blvd., how long have they been working that roadway(SW 116th St to South of nowhere->>>>>>> is it 2 yrs., no maybe 3…! the concrete work/sidewalk pad on 128th was “finished” and then all of sudden they tore it ALL out??? why??? were they finishing the project too quickly and had to slow it down! Someone should question that company doing the (Walsh) 

  • Long time WS resident February 5, 2023 (12:56 pm)

    Anyone else notice how the city and county have been reducing arterial speed limits all over? They say it is in the name of “public safety”. I was skeptical at first, but I am starting to think that might actually be the “reason” – but not quite in the way they want you to think: They lower speed limits so they can take their sweet little time to complete construction projects (and leave open pits for months). Also lower speed limits makes it easier for them to defer road maintenance (pot holes are not as jarring at lower speeds!).

    It is just inexcusable how long overdue projects get delayed… and then even once they do start, a project might sit idle for weeks or months. We are long overdue for new city and county leadership!

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