WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Midday road note, and an alert (upgraded!) for tonight/tomorrow

(SB 35th SW near Providence Mount St. Vincent)

12:11 PM: We’ve been out all morning covering two stories outdoors (details later), but wanted to share one observation in case you’ve been trepidational about going out – our side street was snow-coated when we returned between events an hour and a half ago, and now it’s mostly clear, so there is some melting happening. The arterials have been clear all along. SDOT crews have been out the past few hours – here’s the map that shows you where they’ve been and when. Meantime, the National Weather Service now has Seattle (among other areas) under a Winter Storm Watch alert starting at 7 pm tonight and lasting through Tuesday.

2:53 PM: The alert is now upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning – up to 8 inches of snow possible, but it may not last long, as the alert also mentions a possible transition to rain “across King County.”

5 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Midday road note, and an alert (upgraded!) for tonight/tomorrow"

  • Jeepney December 19, 2022 (2:15 pm)

    SDOT’s approach to handling snow & ice on the roads has dramatically improved over the past 10 years.  If I can get to an arterial, I can usually get to where I need to go.  Wasn’t always that way.

    • bolo December 19, 2022 (3:21 pm)

      Thanks to salt, salt, and more salt. Decreased lifespan of the infrastructure is the price we all pay for this short term ability to use our cars in the snow. Roads, bridges, sewer systems, cars, etc. all corrode and deteriorate much faster from the highly corrosive salt.

      Ever since former mayor Nickels lost re-election due to (undeserved?) blame for impassable streets during and after a nasty string of snowstorms and subsequent freezing temperatures, all mayors have been quick to press the “more salt” button early and often.

  • Joe Z December 19, 2022 (3:41 pm)

    Even if there is a transition to rain, there is going to be a transition back to snow with temperatures plunging well below freezing on Tuesday night. This storm is going to create serious travel impacts. 

    • WSB December 19, 2022 (4:35 pm)

      Thanks. Brrrr. We’ll start separate storm coverage as soon as this gets going – hope most people are home safe by then.

  • Michael December 20, 2022 (7:51 am)

    Currently at 7:45am , roads are bare and wet in Enumclaw, Easrern King County at 750 ft Elevation. . Snow  of 2-8 inches for winter  weather warning never materialized. Thanks for keeping everyone informed. 

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