BIZNOTE FOLLOWUP: Animated Café reopens at new location

Animated Café proprietor Melanie (aka “Ana”) just sent word that her coffee trailer is now open at its new location, a week later than originally hoped, so we went over for photos. We reported on the move 2+ weeks ago. Animated Café is now on the same Triangle lot as the Chapulín Oaxaqueño taco truck, at 4518 Fauntleroy Way SW [map]:

She first opened her coffee stand last winter at its original location in Westwood. She offers a deal on weekends where customers who come dressed in the spirit of the weekend “theme” get $2 off; the November schedule is in our previous report.

10 Replies to "BIZNOTE FOLLOWUP: Animated Café reopens at new location"

  • Animated fan November 12, 2022 (11:20 am)

    Thank you for posting this information. I went to their old Tony’s location last week and saw they had left.  Love their snacks, and I’m glad to see they are still in operation. 

  • Michaela November 12, 2022 (11:51 am)

    This is Marvelous news!!!! I love their cloud latte!!!

  • Caitlin November 12, 2022 (12:58 pm)

    I love this blossoming food truck corner! Do you know if there are any more trucks planning on moving in here?

  • Auntie November 12, 2022 (1:19 pm)

    Hey, all you fools sitting in line at Starbuck’s, blocking the right lane on Avalon – just go on up a half a block and get your coffee fix from Ana!

    • flimflam November 12, 2022 (1:50 pm)

      good idea! no idea what the appeal is at starbucks anyway – all automated, don’t pull their own shots, plus dare i mention the Sonics?

      • Robert J Schmidt November 13, 2022 (2:23 pm)

        I’ll mention the Sonics and I’ll never buy a Starbucks coffee. But I’m not bitter.

    • New Salt November 12, 2022 (5:51 pm)

      Seriously, and if she can get drive-thru going (as mentioned in the previous post), she’ll be extra slammed. That Triangle Starbucks drive-thru needs a relief valve. I don’t even know if Starbucks would be that mad about it given how backed up that location usually is.

  • Amy November 12, 2022 (5:21 pm)

    Nice! I’m so glad they’ll be closer so I can walk instead of drive! 

  • Cait November 12, 2022 (7:30 pm)

    I’m so glad you’re back up and running, Ana! 

  • Elizabeth November 12, 2022 (9:27 pm)

    I will miss her down in her old location! I love Ana! ( Melanie) 

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