GARAGE SALE DAY UPDATE: Registration’s closed – here’s what’s next

April 28, 2022 1:48 pm
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Thanks to the ~320 sellers who signed up for West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day before registration closed late last night! WSCGSD is Saturday, May 14th. Here’s what happens next:

*If you’ll be shopping – whether you’re just going to walk/bike over to nearby sales, or travel around the peninsula – May 7th is when we’ll have the map/list available in both clickable and printable formats. The links will be here on WSB as well as at

*If you’ll be selling – we’re going through all the registrations now, so please watch your email in case we have a question. Your sale number will be on the map/list, so once that’s out, you’ll know which sale number to tell your friends, relatives, etc. to look for. If you have to cancel, please let us know as soon as you know – we can take you off the map and out of the guide up until we publish them on May 7th.

As we go through the registrations, we’re making notes such as unusual items, group sites, block/business/school sales, bake sales, and other things to spotlight over the next two weeks. We also want to hear from any organization interested in donations of unsold items – so far we have heard from one, a Goodwill truck that the Lafayette Elementary PTA will be making available that afternoon. Anyone else? Let us know.

Thanks for supporting the return of West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day!

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