WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Another stolen green CR-V

For the second time in 15 hours, we’ve received a reader report of a stolen green CR-V. This one is from Jessie:

This is an old photo of Jessie’s green 2000 Honda CR-V – it now has Washington plates, BFP5162, but still had the Virginia Tech Hokies tire cover when “stolen from 44th Ave SW between Dakota and Genesee … sometime between about 6-7 pm last night and 9 am this morning (2/1).” It’s been reported to police; call 911 if you see it.

4 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Another stolen green CR-V"

  • Audifans February 1, 2022 (11:51 am)

    Nothing but weasles out there.  Be advised and be on alert

  • Eric1 February 1, 2022 (2:54 pm)

    Well that sucks but car theft is a standard Seattle welcome.  One of our new post-doctoral fellows had her car broken into twice so far since December. I was apologetic that I failed to warn her at lab orientation that car prowls and theft are sanctioned by the city. I belatedly told her to not leave anything in her car and she might consider  adopting a large canine for her personal safety.  Police reports are useful for insurance purposes but don’t expect any follow up as the city clowncil thinks theft is a victimless crime. 

    • WSB February 1, 2022 (3:10 pm)

      The City Council has nothing to do with car theft. It’s a felony, prosecuted by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, adjudicated in King County Superior Court. And yes, the police – who ARE part of the city government – do arrest car thieves.

  • Olivia February 1, 2022 (5:10 pm)

    Hate to see this, but Go Hokies!

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