WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Car broken into in park lot

Heads up if this afternoon’s sunshine has you planning on driving to a local park. Just sent by Franki:

We wanted to share that sometime from 11:40 to 12:40 this morning our car was broken into while we were strolling in Lincoln Park. We parked our car in upper parking lot along Fauntleroy. The right side window was smashed and my mom’s purse was stolen. We are a bit befuddled on how this happened because there were so many people around in the parking lot! Just remember to stay safe and don’t leave belongings visible in your car.

General advice is not to leave anything in your car, visible or not – thieves have been known to break in on spec.

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  • WW Resident January 17, 2022 (2:53 pm)

    They really need to do a sting in that parking lot. It’s like an almost guarantee bust

    • Derek January 17, 2022 (4:41 pm)

      I prefer resources go to fixing the root of the problem and investing in social programs and universal income so we don’t see this spike in petty theft. 

      • Stuart January 19, 2022 (1:12 pm)

        Good grief!! Obviously coming from someone that did not get his car broken into. Getting busted is the only thing that will give those creeps some pause. 

      • Pessoa January 19, 2022 (10:44 pm)

        But I hope we agree that there is no justification for an individual to inflict pain and hardship on another human being simply because the latter occupies a higher “rung” on the socio-economic ladder.   We can debate remedies for societal ills, but at the same time we all are armed with an innate ability to distinguish right from wrong.  

  • ACE January 17, 2022 (3:19 pm)

    Sorry this happened to you Franki. Same thing happened to me last year. Same location, broad daylight, nice day with lots of people around. Person broke window and there was glass all over my daughters car seat. :(I only bring what I can carry now when at Lincoln Park and have learned to rock a fanny pack if I have wallet, cell, etc. with me.

  • WS5 January 17, 2022 (4:06 pm)

    So sorry to see this happened to you and the hassle for your mom to figure out what was in her purse that someone else has now. This is one of the worst parking lots in West Seattle for break-ins.  You can’t leave anything in your car.  Don’t put anything in your trunk either, especially if you do it at the lot it seems someone is watching waiting for you to walk away from your car.  I was told that someone is watching for women to leave car without a purse., they assume you left it under you seat or in the trunk. These type of break-ins have been happening at Lincoln park the whole time I have lived here, 29 years.  I don’t leave  ANYTHING in my car, even in front of my house in North Admiral area my car has been broken into 4 times in front of my house.

    • StupidInSeattle January 17, 2022 (8:17 pm)

      I remember my wife’s car being broken into at the Lincoln Park lot more than 10 years ago when she was there on a weekday afternoon for our sons school event.  Never been back and saddened to see that law enforcement us still unable to stop crime in the city parks.  

  • onion January 17, 2022 (5:50 pm)

    I parked in the same lot yesterday and wondered if this was my day. I think about it every time I park in Lincoln Park lots. i was fortunate. I’m sorry you were not.

  • Karen January 17, 2022 (6:05 pm)

    We park blocks away and walk in carrying only what jeans pockets will hold.  Pretty much our habit at any park, shore, etc.   It’s just too risky but I suppose we, too, will be victims sooner or later.   Disgusting!

  • Mike January 17, 2022 (6:32 pm)

    This situation has been intolerable for a long time.  Parks and Police need to come up with a solution.  I never park in either lot at Lincoln Park.  Maybe a stakeout?  Sting?  Cameras?  

  • Marianne January 17, 2022 (8:16 pm)

    Consider not posting these break ins when people leave valuables visible.

    • Wsearooster January 18, 2022 (6:58 am)

      Right, because the victim was asking for it? How much more crime will we desensitize ourselves to? Everything we do in this neighborhood—we now have to take crime prevention steps. Going to the park, going to the junction or Westwood village at night, going to rite aid, and the list goes on. Sad. 

  • Elton January 17, 2022 (8:40 pm)

    I’ve taken to bicycling to Lincoln Park with our child instead of driving so that I have all our belongings with me at all times. Frustrating that it’s necessary, but it works.

  • Gail January 17, 2022 (9:17 pm)

    Theft there is likely run as a business model. I suspect the correct mindset is to assume that the Lincoln Park lots are part of organized theft ring and assume that it is almost always somebody’s JOB to look for tells of items left or tells re high possibility valuables left and that thieves likely must meet quotas to remain in ring. Unlike the downtown core organized retail theft, I  can’t offer stats, and present this as a necessary mindset. For instance busy daylight thefts likely to bring more loot than non busy times. Sad but logical. The worst thing until city rulers change is that even if all thieves caught and arrested it seems that no consequences will accrue for thief. None equal to harm to law abiding residents. .    

  • V. Mussen January 17, 2022 (9:27 pm)

    I think cameras were proposed for the lot at one point but then somebody got upset at the “violation of privacy” and the idea was shelved.  Good job, whoever that person was.

  • Eldorado January 18, 2022 (9:15 am)

    There are roughly 12 daylight hours a day… that’s 4,400 daylight hours per year. And there are +/- 80,000 West Seattle Residents. I would happily volunteer 1 hour a month… much less 1 hour a year to stroll the Parking Lot and report any wrongdoing. If someone (perhaps in the City) organized that… sign me up. 

  • Lola January 18, 2022 (12:29 pm)

    You could not pay me to park in either parking lot of Lincoln Park.  It seems like they target these areas as they see you get out with your pooch or just get out to go for a walk or a jog.  They say it only takes seconds for these thieves to break your window and make off with whatever you have left in there.  

  • Shout January 18, 2022 (2:53 pm)

    Sorry to the victim. It is expensive and annoying to deal with a smash and grab.  I was at Magnuson Park this weekend and saw a huge sign at the parking lot “Warning Smash and Grabs. Burglaries reported day and night. Do not leave valuables in your car or trunk”.  It was the biggest sign like this I’ve seen and in bold red and white ending with “do not let thieves spoil your visit” These burglaries occur anywhere people gather but maybe adding similar big signage at Lincoln Park will educate people there are criminals standing by waiting to rip everyone off. 

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