BEES: See a swarm? Here’s who to call

(File photo – honey-bee swarm photographed in Genesee)

Honey bees are vital to our ecosystem. So if you see a swarm, you don’t want to harm them. The Puget Sound Beekeepers Association compiles a list every year of members who volunteer to respond to swarm reports and remove them for free. In sending this year’s list, PSBA explains that when swarms are removed, “They will be relocated to a place where they can continue to provide their valuable contribution to our environment.” Here’s the newest version of the list, with five beekeepers listed for the West Seattle/White Center area. (The list also includes photos so you know what’s a honey bee and what’s not.)

2 Replies to "BEES: See a swarm? Here's who to call"

  • Belvidear April 19, 2021 (5:23 pm)

    Swarming bees couldn’t be less interested in people, so no need to panic if you see a swarm. 

  • sbre April 19, 2021 (7:05 pm)

    This past Saturday (4/19) we were blessed to witness the gathering of a swarm on a tree branch at 44 & Hinds. We arrived while a vast majority of the swarm was still buzzing around in the air and stood amongst them on the sidewalk until the vast majority had gathered onto the branch, then we returned late at night to see the swarm in its entirety tucked-in for the night I’m the same location. Such fantastic luck we had to be at the right place at the right time…thank you Universe!!!

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