READER REPORT: Post Office rescue

Proud mom Diana Piggee tells the story of a Junction incident just before 10 pm tonight:

My two daughters were on their way home when they saw someone banging from the inside of the post office. They stopped and one of my daughter’s ran to the door. The post-office worker had locked herself inside. The police then pulled up behind my other daughter who was driving and were questioning her since she abruptly stopped in the center lane and put her hazard lights. She then let the two police officers know that the postal worker was locked inside. My two daughters were allowed to leave and came told me the story.

My daughter Kaela Piggee was the one driving and noticed her pounding. My other daughter Daeja Piggee ran to her to assist.

Kaela works at Seattle Fish Company across the street, although she wasn’t working tonight. She knows the area pretty well.

I just thought they were some heroes and Kaela was paying attention to her surroundings.

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  • sc January 17, 2021 (6:32 am)

    “Look for the helpers…”  – Fred Rogers

  • Karl Tull January 17, 2021 (8:48 am)

    Jeez, dat why my mail alway go missin?

  • BigJer January 17, 2021 (9:23 am)

    Love this! Kaela and Daeja are observant, caring, kind young women. It says a lot about their integrity and empathy that they noticed AND helped!

  • odroku January 17, 2021 (10:03 am)

    I have to know . . . how does one get locked inside? And then is able to be allowed out  by someone on the outside? That seems like a basic failure of lock installation?

    But I’m glad someone was kind enough to stop and help. Not enough of that going around.

    • WSlite January 17, 2021 (11:07 am)

      I was wondering the same thing, how does one do that? And kudos to the girls being so observant and helpful to another community member. Good to see a happy helping hand story like this. We need more of this!

  • Lisa January 17, 2021 (10:08 am)

    That’s such an awesome story!

  • Buttercup January 17, 2021 (10:24 am)

    How do you lock yourself inside? Didn’t she have a phone o call for help. Strange.

  • Mj January 17, 2021 (10:43 am)

    I thought fire codes made this situation illegal?  This regulation was the result of I believe a Chicago fire many years ago where patrons got locked inside and died because the exit doors were locked.

    • Colonel Mustard's Wrench January 19, 2021 (6:31 pm)

      Does Seattle Fire Department need to do a site visit to see if the lock set-up meets fire code? 
      A person should be able to exit.  What if there had been a fire ? 

      This could have been a tragedy !

  • J W Pedant January 17, 2021 (11:35 am)

    Great they  noticed and appreciate they acted: as Good Samaritans.

    • Kszobota January 17, 2021 (5:05 pm)

      Thank you kind observant ladies! I’m sure you made her evening.   I locked myself into a Dairy Queen once, these things happen.

  • Rick January 17, 2021 (11:50 am)

    No phone?

  • WSB January 17, 2021 (2:47 pm)

    For those who have asked ‘how could that happen?’ I asked Diana: “She locked herself out of the main post office area with the keys inside. She was stuck in the lobby waving trying to get someone’s attention driving by.”

  • Lola January 18, 2021 (1:44 pm)

    In these trying times that we are living in they now must lock the lobby.  I know they used to leave it open 24/7 for people to access their PO Box, but due to homeless now using it they have decided to close it.  Thus the postal worker is locked in.  So glad that these ladies noticed her and helped her out.  Bravo. 

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