ELECTION 2020: Puget Ridge party and parade for future voters

(WSB photo)

Two days before election results start coming in, we have a winner – the Puget Ridge community, where neighbors offered future voters a fun lesson in democracy, organizing a parade to the South Seattle College ballot drop box today, after kids got a chance to vote at Puget Ridge Edible Park. The parade even featured a mini-marching band.

The kids’ vote wasn’t about the presidential race or anything else on the official ballot – it was about what they’d like to see at the community-created, community-managed park.

(Photo by Althea Chow)

The voting was part of a mini-harvest festival at the park:

(This photo and next by Ada-Reva Spae)

This was a volunteer effort, as is everything at the park (see our report from August). Ada-Reva Spae was lead organizer, and she credits Karen Crisalli Winter as the “Magical Mystical Wizard Master of Activities,” Marty McLaren as “Chief Votemaster,” plus “party planners extraordinaire” Stu Hennessey, Lisa Kauffman, Cathy Wilmering, and Janice Singh. At SSC, a photo op with the kid-size ballot box next to the official drop box concluded the festivities:

2 Replies to "ELECTION 2020: Puget Ridge party and parade for future voters"

  • momof3boys November 2, 2020 (7:58 am)

    this is such a GREAT way to teach kids about the voting process, and show them they have a say!  Way to go Puget Ridge!

  • alkistu November 2, 2020 (11:10 am)

    Beautiful day in the park with our future decision makers.  Thank you WSB for always attempting to share the positivity even though it is not what most are interested in.

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