VIDEO: New home for Au Lac Vovinam’s West Seattle martial-arts classes

January 12, 2020 10:57 am
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The West Seattle VFW Hall (3601 SW Alaska) is the new home of martial-arts classes taught by Au Lac Vovinam, previously held at Neighborhood House. On Saturday, the organization held an open house to celebrate. That included a lion dance just before we arrived.

Here’s how they explain what they teach:

“Vovinam is a Vietnamese martial art founded in 1938 to provide practitioners with an efficient method of self-defense. Founding Master Nguyễn Lộc believed that martial arts would contribute to freeing Vietnam from colonial French rule by building strong minds, bodies, and spirits. Vovinam is practiced with and without weapons, and includes a wide range of techniques, making it a very well-rounded martial art. Ultimately, practitioners are taught the importance of using the skills they have developed to build a stronger community. Today, (80+) years since its founding, Vovinam has many training centers in almost all continents in the world (except Antarctica) with millions of disciples.”

The open house included demonstrations:

Classes are open to anyone at least 7 years old and will be taught on Saturday and Sundays, $50/month with a $50 uniform required. To find out more and/or to register, call 206-432-5873 or email

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