BIZNOTE: Clinic change

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That temporary signage is up outside what was the CityMD urgent-care clinic at The Whittaker (4755 Fauntleroy Way SW). When it opened a little over two years ago, the clinic signage described New York-founded CityMD as “a partner of CHI Franciscan,” but now the CityMD name has vanished and the clinic is operating solely under Franciscan’s name. We hadn’t heard until a patient tipped us about concerns raised by a recent visit, including staff changes and a lack of phone and printer. Subsequently checking to see if the company had announced any recent changes, we discovered this (Tacoma) News-Tribune story reporting CityMD’s departure from the metro area, as well as its merger last August with a much-larger health-care entity. With another Franciscan clinic barely a block away, we asked the organization if they intend to keep this one open. Through a spokesperson, we received this reply attributed to communications/government affairs vice president Cary Evans: “Our West Seattle urgent care location continues to provide high-quality, convenient urgent care services to the community. The location now operates as Franciscan Urgent Care as we align and unify our services.” The change comes just months after another urgent-care chain expanded into the Junction/Triangle area – ZOOM+care opened last year at 4012 SW Alaska.

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  • Former CityMD employee January 14, 2020 (6:07 am)

    It’s not surprising to me that CHI couldn’t even get their phones set up. I helped open this clinic as a CityMD employee and worked there for several months as support staff. Every time I had to deal with the CHI bureaucracy, their incompetency was astounding. There are plenty of great individuals who work for CHI as providers and support staff, but the people in charge are completely disorganized and corrupt. Another former employee who worked there until the change over told me that nearly all of the CityMD staff were offered their same positions by CHI at this clinic, but very few of them accepted because everyone had such a bad taste in their mouth after dealing with the CHI higher-ups.

  • West Sea Neighbor January 14, 2020 (7:06 am)

    This is disappointing. CityMD had become my go-to for minor injuries. I always received quick, friendly care. My only experience with Franciscan “prompt” care was a nightmare. Time to find a new urgent care solution.

  • steve January 14, 2020 (7:56 am)

    The doctors there were adequate. But I gotta say everything from check-in to the billing is a disaster. Outrageous charges and pricing. All my info from previous visits doesn’t exist.  Fortunately I have good coverage, but that doesn’t mean I’m not careful about what my insurance company pays. Gotta be desperate to go here.

  • Anne January 14, 2020 (8:02 am)

    On the first day of changeover-Jan 2-I went to CHI Franciscan Walk in clinic-which supposedly opened at 8( unlike reg clinic which opens earlier) I was there a few min before 8-(only one other person waiting) got checked in -was just getting ready to sit down when staff member came in & wrote on board-1-1/2 hours late-they had just barely opened! Got my co-pay back & went over to CityMD-by the way -so much brighter & cleaner looking than dark musty CHI clinic.  Yes they were changing over-training new people at front desk & in exam rooms-& they explained that up front-but I was still seen within 15 minutes.Later that day & next morning I needed to call them & phone wasn’t working-as it turned out my husband had to go in -told them about phone problem & they gave him the new number.Also had to wait a day for visit info to be posted in My Chart. Yes it was frustrating -at the time-luckily my husbands visit helped resolve things. Certainly hope things have smoothed out since. While the CHI Clinic is where my family doctor is-I have never been impressed with the  walk-in clinic-so have opted for City MD. 

    • ACG January 14, 2020 (12:08 pm)

      City MD is now CHI-where did you go that was better?  Are you talking about Zoom+?

  • kroberts January 14, 2020 (1:09 pm)

    My husband went in on Saturday and was told they could not process any lab work. Not impressed.

  • Peter January 14, 2020 (4:41 pm)

    Very sad. There are fewer and fewer places we can access healthcare that aren’t controlled by catholic mythology. 

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