AVALON/35TH PROJECT: New dates, including next intersection closure

More road-work news – SDOT promised a midweek update on the Avalon/35th repaving-and-more project, and here it is. It includes the dates for the second weekend-long Avalon/35th intersection:

Due to the wet weather this week, crews are now planning to pave SW Avalon Way from SW Spokane St to 35th Ave SW (Zones A-C) as soon as September 23 and 24. This work is weather dependent and subject to change. See below for more information about work happening this week!

Crews are currently preparing for final asphalt paving in Zones A – C (SW Spokane St to 35th Ave SW). Paving will take place overnight on September 23 and 24. You can expect:

*Paving to begin at 7 PM each night and continue through 7 AM the following morning

*On Monday, September 23 crews anticipate paving the west half of the street starting at SW Spokane St and traveling south to 35th Ave SW

*On Tuesday, September 24 crews anticipate paving the east half of the street starting at SW Spokane St and traveling south to 35th Ave SW

*On Tuesday, September 24 crews will be paving the intersection of SW Spokane St and SW Avalon Way. Expect limited access to the on- and off-ramps to the West Seattle Bridge starting as early as 7 PM. Please use alternative routes to enter and exit the West Seattle Bridge. Flaggers will be present to direct traffic.

*Driveway and side street closures overnight while the pavement cures. Driveways and side streets will be closed overnight as we pave. Fresh pavement takes about 3 to 4 hours to allow the pavement to cure.

*Please park on nearby side streets and plan to utilize other arterials such as SW Genesee St, Delridge Way SW, and Fauntleroy Way SW if you have concerns about accessing your vehicle during nighttime work

*Crews will re-open driveways and side streets once the pavement cures

*Please stay off the road for the duration of the night for your safety and to ensure the road cures properly and does not need repaving

*No parking signs; please read the permits on the signs for effective no parking dates

*Loud noise, dust and vibrations due to truck traffic and heavy machinery

*During paving, please do not cross or walk pets across SW Avalon Way. Asphalt is very hot and harmful to people and animals.

*A single lane of traffic to be maintained in each direction

*Emergency vehicle access will be maintained

We anticipate installing temporary striping once the final asphalt paving is complete. We will return in spring 2020 to install the final striping with the new road design.

Zone C and Zone D (SW Avalon Way from Fauntleroy Way SW to just east of 35th Ave SW)

As soon as the week of September 23 crews are preparing to complete concrete paving on the south side of SW Avalon Way in part of Zone C and Zone D. Please note:

Driveways will be closed on the southeast side of SW Avalon Way east of 35th Ave SW as early as Monday, September 23 through Wednesday, September 25 for concrete pouring. Driveways will be closed for up to 72 hours. Crews will reopen driveways once the concrete has cured. Crews anticipate working west of 35th Ave SW on SW Avalon Way as early as the week of September 30.

35th Ave SW and SW Avalon Way Intersection:

To continue rebuilding the concrete roadway, we will be closing the intersection of 35th Ave SW and SW Avalon Way for a second time. The 35th Ave SW and Avalon Way SW intersection must be rebuilt to extend the useful life of the road, make utility upgrades, and make improvements for people walking, bicycling, driving, and riding the bus. Closing the intersection will allow us to complete this work as quickly and safely as possible. This intersection closure is weather dependent and subject to change.

The intersection will be closed from Friday, October 4 at 9 AM to Monday, October 7 to 6 AM, as long as weather allows. If the weather is bad the weekend of October 4, we will postpone the intersection work to the following weekend, Friday, October 11 through Monday, October 14.

We will coordinate with King County Metro on bus stops and routes. Check Metro Rider Alerts for the most up-to-date information.

No parking signs on 37th Ave SW and 38th Ave SW to accommodate metro buses and detour traffic. Please follow posted detour routes.

6 Replies to "AVALON/35TH PROJECT: New dates, including next intersection closure"

  • AlexCabot September 17, 2019 (6:09 pm)

    It just took 21 minutes to travel the half a mile on Avalon between where you get off the freeway and where you turn onto 35th. Whatever roadwork they are doing cannot finish soon enough.

  • Chuck H September 17, 2019 (7:51 pm)

    Good god.  Will this project ever end?   I think there should be a huge street party here to celebrate the finish.   Okay, bad idea.  No more closures. 

  • Brad M September 17, 2019 (10:43 pm)

    Should have just shut the whole of Avalon between Spokane St and Yancy, and got it all done quickly.  Then shut it all down between Yancy and Genesse and got it done quickly…. Same for 35th between Avalon and Alaska.Then just had to drag out Avalon between Genesee and 35th like you have for a short period.  We’d had been done with this probably 6-8 weeks ago.

    • Peter September 18, 2019 (9:36 am)

      “We’d had been done with this probably 6-8 weeks ago.” Do you have anything to back that up? Do you have all the technical and engineering specifications? Have you evaluated all the available equipment, supplies, and workforce? Have you worked with the project managers to determining the timing for your version? You’re not just making stuff up, are you? Seriously though, what is your basis for claiming you know so much more than professional engineers, builders, and project managers that you’re qualified to second guess them?

  • GH September 18, 2019 (12:53 am)

    Sometimes I think the person who put scumbag hats on the cars on the WS bridge is now in a leadership position and wants to get revenge for getting in trouble….”it’s going to suuuuuck when they’re tearing down the viaduct and the WS buses are on reroute. We should try and make it as bad as humanly possible and do major construction on one of the main bus routes AT THE SAME TIME!! I’ll show those scumbags….”https://westseattleblog.com/2014/05/funny-or-not-sdot-tweet-calls-west-seattle-bridge-drivers-scumbags/In related news, after being a faithful bus rider for 15 years I’m DONE.

    • West Seattle since 1979 September 18, 2019 (12:19 pm)

      That “scumbag” incident was 5 years ago and the person who did it was reprimanded.

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