AVALON/35TH PROJECT: 1 week to intersection closure, and other updates

The weekly SDOT update on the Avalon/35th repaving-and-more project includes a reminder that a major intersection closure is ahead. Here’s all the latest:

Crews are busy on the SW Seattle Paving: 35th/Avalon Project. Crews have, or are planning to complete, the following construction activities:

· Crews have wrapped up road base repairs, curb ramps, and utility work in zone A and B

· Today, Thursday, August 29, crews are paving the south side of Zone C.

· From 9 AM on Friday, September 6 through 6 AM Monday, September 9, we will be closing the SW Avalon and 35th Ave SW intersection for the first of up to three weekend closures to rebuild the concrete roadway.

· From August 28 through September 13, crews will be placing high-friction surface treatments on SW Genesee St and Charlestown Ave SW

· In mid-September, crews plan to return to zones A through C for final grinding and paving

You can read more about each activity in their respective sections below.

35th Ave SW and SW Avalon Way Intersection:

To rebuild the concrete roadway, we will be closing the intersection of 35th Ave SW and SW Avalon Way.

· The intersection will be closed from Friday, September 6 at 9 AM to Monday, September 9 to 6 AM

o This intersection closure is weather dependent and subject to change

· Metro buses will be allowed southbound on 35th Ave SW from Fauntleroy between 3 PM and 7 PM on Friday, September 6 to assist with the evening commute

· No-parks on 37th Ave SW and 38th Ave SW to accommodate detour traffic

· This work will take up to 3 weekends

· Please visit our website for more information

· Please follow posted detour routes, see map

The 35th Ave SW and Avalon Way SW intersection must be rebuilt because the existing pavement is nearing the end of its useful life. The project will also make utility upgrades and improvements for people walking, bicycling, driving, and riding the bus. Closing the intersection is necessary for the safety of the traveling public and it will allow us to complete this work as quickly and safely as possible

Information by Zone

Zone C (SW Avalon Way from SW Genesee St to 35th Ave SW)
Today, Thursday, August 29, we are paving the road base on the south side of the road. This work is weather dependent and subject to change. Please note:

· There will be no driveway access on the day of paving from 7 AM to 7 PM

· You will not be able to use your driveway for up to 4 hours while the pavement cures

Zone A – C (SW Avalon Way from SW Spokane St to 35th Ave SW)
Once crews have wrapped up this phase of work in Zone C, crews will begin preparing for final paving in Zones A–C. The first construction activity you will see is crews grinding the top layer of pavement as soon as September 12 and 13. Please expect:

· No parking signs to be seen along the corridor as early as Friday, August 30 that will be effective starting after the holiday. Please read the permits on the signs for effective no parking dates.

o No parking signs must be placed up to 72 hours before enforcement. Due to the holiday weekend, signs are being installed this Friday.

· Temporary driveway closures as the grinding machine passes. We encourage you to speak with our crews about when work will take place in your area.

· Loud noise, dust and vibrations

· Rough pavement and steel plates on the roadway once base paving is complete

· A single lane of traffic to be maintained in each direction

We anticipate completing final paving as early as September 18 and 19. This work is expected to take place at night to reduce the impacts to traffic as the pavement cures. All driveways and side streets will be closed to SW Avalon Way until crews re-open them. We will provide more information as we get closer to paving.

Zone E (35th Ave SW from SW Avalon Way to SW Alaska St)
We are continuing work in Zone E, including:

· Concrete paving on the west side of the street from SW Alaska St to SW Oregon St this week. This work is weather dependent and subject to change.

· Beginning demolition on the east side of the street as early as the week of September 9

· Continuing the closure of SW Snoqualmie St for staging

High Friction Surface Treatments
In the next few weeks, crews will also be placing high friction surface treatments on SW Genesee St and Charlestown Ave SW. Work is expected to take place (now through) September 13 from 9 AM to 3 PM but is weather dependent and subject to change.

· Crews will be working on SW Genesee St from SW Avalon Way to 30th Ave SW. One lane of traffic will be maintained, with flaggers present to direct traffic in each direction.

· Crews will be working on Charlestown Ave SW from 46th Ave SW to 47th Ave SW. Charlestown will be closed to through traffic from 45th to 48th. Please follow posted detour routes.

Questions? The project team’s contact info: avalonpaving@seattle.gov or 206-900-8734.

9 Replies to "AVALON/35TH PROJECT: 1 week to intersection closure, and other updates"

  • Mj August 29, 2019 (10:23 pm)

    Friday September 6th 9AM closure to 6AM Monday the 9th.  Please verify the time, 9 PM Friday the 6th makes more sense!

  • KBear August 30, 2019 (1:01 am)

    The time is correct. You can verify it yourself by clicking  the provided link. 

  • M August 30, 2019 (6:51 am)

    When is this whole project going to be done done? I feel like it’s taking forever and is so much more disruptive than the 99 closure ever was. 

  • MJ August 30, 2019 (9:50 am)

    KBear thank you.  

  • GWS August 30, 2019 (10:29 am)

    The “No Parking” signs are up on the Charlestown hill (9/3 thru 9/9 I believe) in preparation for the work to be done there.  If this “friction” surfacing works, I’ll miss the comedy of people spinning out on the hill trying to get up it during wet weather :-(.  I suppose this will present a fresh canvas for the hill painters next Spring.

  • Pdxmark77 August 30, 2019 (5:18 pm)

    I wonder how they are gong to re-route the busses.  I would think they will  run on Fauntleroy to the WSB.   The 50 will most likely skip the Delridge section and head to Fauntleroy.This is going to be frustrating for us bus riders who live in N. Delridge and take the bus to the junction.    

  • DeeJay September 5, 2019 (7:39 am)

    once again EPIC failure from SDOT and King Co. Metro, specifically relating to buses.  There is zero info on the King Co. Website how this Friday morning and evening will affect bus stops, reroutes, etc on 35th Avenue SW and Avalon.  So typical of the City and County lack of competence.  They’re probably still trying to find taxpayer money to buy food, alcohol and drugs for the homeless

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