UPDATE: The case of the disappearing speed humps

ORIGINAL REPORT, 6:03 PM SUNDAY: This weekend we’ve heard from several readers pointing out that the Beach Drive speed humps south of Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook have been removed, and wondering if they’ll be replaced. The signage is now covered.

Apparently nearby residents were not notified, as some of them are among the readers who’ve contacted us. We’ll be asking SDOT first thing tomorrow, but in the meantime, we’re mentioning it so area drivers/riders are aware and in case someone out there does know what the removal is all about. These speed humps date back to the ’00s and are on a straightaway section that was particularly popular with street racers; Beach Drive then got another set, near Constellation Park, just two years ago.

UPDATE, 12:42 PM MONDAY: SDOT spokesperson Dawn Schellenberg tells WSB the speed humps WILL be replaced, but not for a while:

The speed humps were damaged, and we removed them so that they wouldn’t be a hazard. Multiple maintenance visits had been made and they’d reached the point where we could no longer maintain them. We anticipate replacing them with permanent (asphalt) humps this summer in the same spot and generally the same configuration.

19 Replies to "UPDATE: The case of the disappearing speed humps"

  • Alki Mark January 6, 2019 (6:30 pm)

    You think SDOT would have better things to do with Viadoom and all.  What possible reason was this done?  

  • Bradley January 6, 2019 (6:43 pm)

    I was VERY pleased to see those obnoxious things removed. I’ve seen countless near-collisions at both sets of those bumps as drivers panic-brake when they see them. Good riddance. 

  • Wsea January 6, 2019 (7:14 pm)

    I don’t think those speed bumps worked very well.  You can position the bump between your car tires and roll right over them with barley feeling any kick. 

  • dsa January 6, 2019 (8:05 pm)

    Bad design, I bet the other type returns although I have no inside knowledge.

  • Bonnie January 6, 2019 (11:23 pm)

    Part of one of the speed bumps broke off a few weeks ago.  Maybe that is why they were removed?

  • WGA January 6, 2019 (11:49 pm)

    As  a bike rider, I preferred these speed bumps over the newer ones over by Constellation park. One could maneuver through the flat areas of the Beach Dr bumps, but the other two stretch all the way across the road. A small gap or two would have been much nicer.

    • heyalki January 7, 2019 (8:12 am)

      They aren’t made for bikes anyway.

  • CanDo January 7, 2019 (8:04 am)

    Wish Jack Block Park would be next.   They could even leave 2 or 3 bumps…  just take out the rest. 

    • ClayZ January 7, 2019 (2:11 pm)

      Those Jack Block speed bumps are over the top.   The five mph speed limit is pretty agressive too.

  • Richard Maloney January 7, 2019 (9:40 am)

    Obnoxious, yet effective in slowing down speeders on a patch of the street that some felt was a chance to show their manhood by flooring it.  Who knows what lives of pets or pedestrians we’re saved?

  • WSB January 7, 2019 (12:45 pm)

    Just added SDOT’s response. In short, they’ll be replaced, but not for some months.

    • vp January 7, 2019 (3:19 pm)

      Thank you for checking on this.  The speed bumps do discourage the night time drag racing that was the original impetus for their placement.

  • CM January 7, 2019 (5:18 pm)

    The ones in Jack Block park, as annoying as they are, were put in to stop the drifters.  Car drifters doing endless burnouts all night long.

  • Jack January 8, 2019 (6:12 am)

    Looks like the speed bumps will be replaced with pot holes.

  • Craig January 8, 2019 (9:28 am)

    Why does SDOT think that putting just two sets of seed bumps (that drivers can swerve around!) close to each other and just 100 yards from apart is the ideal placement to slow speeders on a well traveled road known for speeders?  Beach Drive has straight line (perfect for drag racing or bursts of speed) for the next 1,000 yards south and 1,000 yards north of where the bumps are now. Someone needs to step back and think this through better. Compare Beach Drive (2 bumps over 2 miles) to Jack Block park bumps (30 over 1/4 mile?) and something is amiss. 

    • S January 8, 2019 (3:43 pm)

      I live on Beach Drive right by the speed humps. Before they were installed, racing occurred all Summer – on half the weeknights, and just about every weekend night. I too wondered why they were installed only at the north end. But it turns out the Streets dept actually knew what they were doing. Since installation, racing immediately and permanently went down by at least 90% – probably even closer to 100%. So I was very worried when the humps disappeared last week – and just as relieved to know they’ll be back. Hopefully before June, when the dry streets will bring the racing right back.

  • Not a race fan January 13, 2019 (3:50 pm)

    Just because they’re not racing in front of your house doesn’t mean they’re not racing. I live above Mee Kwa Mooks park north of where the speed bumps were installed and, believe me, they still race and rev their engines. And not just during the summer. And not even just on nice days or evenings. SDOT needs to install them all over Beach Drive because the racers are still out there.

  • S January 15, 2019 (2:03 am)

    I have no doubt this didn’t fix racing by the park. These 2005 humps fixed the southern straight section down here, by design. Those new humps installed a few years ago, I hear fixed it further up north. I strongly recommend contacting Streets to tell them about racing in that “middle section” by the park, and maybe they can actually install a few simultaneous with the lower section (4800 block) hump relacements in June? Far easier to get them to add it to the already-scheduled work, I’m guessing.

  • Kathleen January 22, 2019 (4:48 pm)

    I totally agree with those who said they should add more speed bumps to the other straight aways on Beach Dr. The racing is ridiculous, and dangerous. 

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