West Seattle whale-watching: NB orcas

1:03 PM: Thanks to Kersti Muul for the tip: Orcas are northbound off south Vashon Island! Let us know if you see them.

3:57 PM: No orca updates but Pia called to let us know about a gray-whale sighting in Elliott Bay!

3 Replies to "West Seattle whale-watching: NB orcas"

  • Kersti E Muul December 5, 2018 (1:35 pm)

    Jpod present

  • Jen December 5, 2018 (2:05 pm)

    Any location/sighting updates?

  • ~Hockeywitch~ December 5, 2018 (8:28 pm)

    I tell ya, those whales always seem to know when I am not home and can’t get down to see them swim by.. sneaky, beautiful creatures.. I’ll see you out there one of these days..lol

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