West Seattle Crime Watch: Business vandalism; hit-and-run

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reports:

BUSINESS VANDALISM: After tips about broken windows at Breathe Hot Yoga and Chaco Canyon Café in The Triangle at midday Sunday, we obtained the police report today. Police were called just before 11:30 am to say a man dressed in black had thrown “a large landscaping stone” through the window of Breathe Hot Yoga while a class was under way. The rock didn’t hit anyone but “two or three people” suffered minor injuries from broken glass. While on the scene, an officer noticed a broken window in an office area of an adjacent business (redacted in the report but people who have contacted us indicated it was Chaco Canyon). Employees there said they heard a “loud crash” and discovered the broken window but didn’t find a rock or anything else that might have caused it. No arrest reported so far.

HIT-AND-RUN: From Brad:

At approximately 1:30 PM this afternoon a newer-model gray sedan was westbound on SW Genesee St. (near Genesee Hill Elementary School) at a high rate of speed and missed the left turn onto 49th Ave SW. The car went through a front yard on the west side of 49th, crossed the street, entered a front yard on the east side of 49th, went down the sidewalk and departed southbound on 49th. This driver only destroyed a planter box, but easily could have killed someone. They left a part of the right front fender and right front wheel well behind.

4 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Business vandalism; hit-and-run"

  • jm18 December 3, 2018 (7:23 pm)

    So sorry to hear all of this, it seems as if crime and vandalism around here is becoming just an everyday thing. 

  • Peter S. December 3, 2018 (8:41 pm)

    @jm18:  I’m going to steal and paraphrase a quote I saw earlier today on another website, that unfortunately seems to apply:  “Politicians in the area set the example of selectively ignoring crime as the norm,  therefore those who are criminally inclined are emboldened to follow elected officials example.”

  • Lodi December 4, 2018 (1:28 pm)

    I witnessed the event, as did a few firemen at the station across the street. I first saw the guy leave LA Fitness angrily with what looked like a staff person following him out the door. He then proceeded to walk down the street knocking over A-boards as he went. When he arrived at Chaco Canyon he picked up landscaping rocks and heaved them at the two windows then headed northeast toward the Y. Left all this info with 911 at the time. Surprised they didn’t catch him since other people were calling in as well. I was worried that the human tornado would get on Metro and cause worse mayhem.

  • Chuck December 4, 2018 (2:17 pm)

    Jeez. More cops on the beat sure would be nice, given our burgeoning population. That a person could damage property in this manner (not to mention a rock could have easily crushed someone’s skull in the yoga studio) and just saunter off on foot without getting caught is a true indictment of just how thin our police force is stretch. Ridiculous. Hey Mayor–more money to street officers (and squad cars) please! 

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