UPDATE: Another driver-hits-barrier crash near West Seattle Bridge’s Fauntleroy end

8:41 PM: Thanks for the tip – the inside eastbound lane of the West Seattle Bridge is closed for a stretch east of the Fauntleroy entrance because of yet another crash knocking the jersey barrier out of place. No SFD dispatch, which indicates no serious injuries.

9:04 PM: Per scanner, the lane has reopened.

11 Replies to "UPDATE: Another driver-hits-barrier crash near West Seattle Bridge's Fauntleroy end"

  • bolo December 28, 2018 (9:24 pm)

    Does anybody remember before the jersey barriers it used to be a low chain-link fence? Or was that on the lower portion of the bridge?

    • Sky King December 29, 2018 (1:10 am)

      @bolo, you’ve got me thinking! I seem to recall there being just a low curb in the 80s and 90s, or was that just on the Spokane Street Viaduct section? I still remember driving across the high bridge when it was sparkling new, but it’s hard to remember the lane dividers.

    • miws December 29, 2018 (8:20 am)

      I don’t remember a low, chain-link fence, but if I’m remembering correctly the Jersey barrier has been there well back into at least the ’80s, perhaps even ’70s. I’m pretty sure it was in place by the time the high bridge fully opened in 1984. Now, the Jersey barrier on the Spokane St viaduct came along in more recent years, like maybe the past 15 or so, once a type of barrier that was narrow enough and lightweight enough for the pre-widened/renovated SSV to handle. —Mike

      • Sky King December 29, 2018 (3:26 pm)

        Mike, thanks for posting! Yes, I do now seem to remember the Jersey barriers on the bridge and on the Fauntleroy expressway, from the mid-80s when the bridge was new and I first came to West Seattle. I also now clearly remember there being just a curb in the center of the Spokane Street Viaduct and that I generally made a point of driving in the outside lanes because it wasn’t unusual for vehicles to jump the curb and collide head-on with cars coming the other direction. The speed limit was also higher back when it was called the West Seattle Freeway. And I remember the unique barrier they finally installed there, too – that must have come in the late 90s, around the time the DOT signage changed to “West Seattle Bridge” and the speed limit was reduced?

  • West Seattle Hipster December 29, 2018 (6:32 am)

    There really needs to be a road diet at that location, there seems to be quite a few accidents there.

    • The King December 29, 2018 (12:09 pm)

      More lane thefts eh? You will get to see how well reducing lanes works in a little over a week when the viaduct is shut down. 

  • j December 29, 2018 (6:32 am)

    Corner is dangerous and has been for long time due to the poor maintenance of the roadway. The surface is like an exposed aggregate driveway. Grinding (like they did on Olson Pl.)is desperately needed. SDOT blamed poor road conditions/maintenance on the decrease of funds during the mortgage crisis. What’s the excuse now? Seattle’s roads are the worst they’ve ever been.

    • Railroaded December 29, 2018 (3:17 pm)

      That corner is darn dangerous for the folks who exceed the speed limit and/or drive negligently.  Always has been. But, hey, easier to blame SDOT or WSDOT.

      • j December 30, 2018 (1:56 pm)

        I can’t help you with the assumptions you choose to make.The fact is the road way is exposed aggregate, with bumps, while turning and going uphill. Don’t be an idiot and make and assumption about speed….it is dangerous at any speed.

  • Rick December 29, 2018 (8:47 am)

    Just paint a target on it and then most folks will miss it.

  • Tsurly December 29, 2018 (1:55 pm)

    I’m trying to recall the last time a bicycle hit a jersey wall, displaced it, and caused traffic delays……

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