West Seattle Halloween 2018: Skeleton Theatre’s new show, continuing Thursday

It’s the yard that draws a crowd every Halloween, going back to 2006 – the southwest corner of 36th and Hanford becomes the stage for Skeleton Theatre. It’s a labor-intensive animatronic production, and some years have recycled all or part of previous years, but this year ST is presenting an all-new show, “The Toppers of Redbridge.” We stopped by for photos and video about midway through tonight’s continuous three-hour run.

Skeleton Theatre isn’t spooky unless you find skeletons scary in any context; it is clever and humorous. (Think bone-related jokes.)

If you missed it tonight, check it out tomorrow (Thursday, November 1st), 20-minute shows scheduled to run pretty much continuously 6-9 pm. Read more on the ST website, where you also can donate to help the creators cover the costs of this Halloween spectacular they’ve been presenting all these years.

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