ROAD WORK ALERT: Concrete pouring ‘possible’ Saturday on 35th SW in Arbor Heights

Just in from SDOT – an update on the Arbor Heights sidewalk project with word that concrete pouring is “possible” tomorrow:

This week, our crews completed installation of storm drains along the east side of 35th Ave SW, between SW 100th St and SW 106th St and began street sign installation.

Our landscape crews also began digging tree pits and installing tree barriers in the planting strips along the east side of 35th Ave SW, between SW 100th St and SW 104th St. Our apologies for the starting this work before we had a chance to send out notifications, as our team is trying to complete as much as the project as quickly as possible.

Due to the challenges we have experienced in securing concrete, there’s a chance that we will be pouring concrete tomorrow, Saturday, 9/22, to complete all of the curbs on the east side of 35th Ave SW.

Please note 35th Ave SW will remain open with intermittent one-lane restriction for this work tomorrow. We will require intermittent closures of cross streets (SW 100th St – SW 106th St), allowing local access only. Flaggers will be onsite to help people navigate around our work.

2 Replies to "ROAD WORK ALERT: Concrete pouring 'possible' Saturday on 35th SW in Arbor Heights"

  • anonyme September 22, 2018 (7:00 am)

    Interesting. There are still missing sections of sidewalk, as well as other finish work on the west side that create difficult or dangerous conditions.  And yet construction is being moved to the other side of the street, where there are existing curbs – and we’re paying overtime and per yard concrete premiums for this work, which is already long, long over schedule – and budget.   Current estimate for completion of this project is the end of October.  Which is another mystery, as the work was supposedly within a week of completion at the time of the strike.  A few workers have been around the last two weeks, and yet the schedule has been pushed back almost two months due to “unforeseen circumstances”.  There seem to be a lot of those where SDOT is concerned.As for the street trees, the massive beds created on the west side that abut into the street have now been deemed unsuitable for trees due to utilities.  Utilities, which were part of the same plan yet somehow overlooked…!  Huh?  Instead, these areas will be seeded with grass which adjacent homeowners will be forced to maintain, even though they had no say in the process.  Some trees will be squeezed into the space between the inside of the sidewalk and the property lines on the west side.  It gets worse; the surprise tree pits that were chopped into the compacted east side planting strips a few days ago will house Red Oaks.  These are huge trees, and the trunks alone will eventually fill the planting strip.  The canopies will cover the entire front yards of these small houses.  BTW, this is a violation of SDOT’s own tree planting policy regarding minimum bed size for this large species.  As with previous landscaping contractors, this will guarantee future work when these trees will have to be replaced.

  • Kram September 22, 2018 (7:53 am)

    This is why people get so angry when the city manages things. You think this few block section of sidewalk is bad. Read about how the city is managing low income housing and transit. It’s really really bad.

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