BIZNOTES: Corner Pocket liquor-license application; sign’s up for new Domino’s Pizza

Two biznotes this afternoon:

CORNER POCKET LIQUOR-LICENSE APPLICATION: You might recall the saga of the Corner Pocket‘s future, as previously reported here in October, with Easy Street Records proprietor Matt Vaughan saying he had hoped to take it over. Its prospective new operators are now listed publicly on a liquor-license application, filed by an entity called Westside Pubs Inc., led by Peter Olive, with other names on the application cross-referencing online as being or having been his co-proprietors of a bar and arcade in Renton. No remodeling applications on file with the city so far.

DOMINO’S SIGN UP AT SPRINGLINE: Speaking of city permit applications, we reported back in May that we had found one showing Domino’s Pizza seeking to open a second West Seattle location in a space at Springline in South Admiral. Now, as several readers point out (including @karizma23, who tweeted the photo), the sign is up.

We are attempting to make contact with the corporation to ask about the timeline for opening.

(Added 12/8) A Domino’s spokesperson tells us it’s expected to open in about two weeks.

16 Replies to "BIZNOTES: Corner Pocket liquor-license application; sign's up for new Domino's Pizza"

  • jason December 6, 2017 (4:13 pm)

    Cue the “what…another pizza place?!?!?!” comments in 5, 4, 3, 2…

  • Patrick December 6, 2017 (5:09 pm)

    The link provided for Springline has the address listed as North Admiral. The neighborhood in question encompasses an area below Admiral St in addition to the rest. 

    • WSB December 6, 2017 (5:10 pm)

      Sorry, can’t control how they describe themselves, but as I identified it in my verbiage, it’s in South Admiral, 3200 block of California SW.

  • Gina December 6, 2017 (8:27 pm)

    North Admiral is Real Estate speak for everything north of Charlestown st. Used to be advertised as “prestigious North Admiral” (Sunset and the other view areas north of Admiral Way.) Somehow it encompasses most of 98116 now.  Guess between Hanford and Hinds (HanHiCal)  hasn’t been thought of.

    • wsres December 6, 2017 (9:30 pm)

      98116 goes all the way to alaska junction.

  • WestSeattleMom2 December 6, 2017 (9:39 pm)

    This is a serious question, I’d like to know where the delivery drivers will park their cars? I live close by and parking is already scarce. What is the plan?

    • thenoid December 7, 2017 (11:28 am)

      You do realize that pizza delivery drivers occupy a parking spot for a very limited time, right?  And not overnight.  They’ll have a much harder time finding a place to park than you will.

      • Westseattlemom2 December 7, 2017 (11:51 am)

        Yes, I used to manage a Domino’s and we had a parking lot. That’s why I’m asking. Where are they going to park?

        • WSB December 7, 2017 (11:55 am)

          I can’t find it on the site plan but I would expect they have space in the garage – most if not all mixed-use projects have retail space in the building garages, and this happens to be adjacent to the garage entrance on the north end of the building

          • WestSeattleMom2 December 7, 2017 (5:44 pm)

            Thanks! I worry since there are more condos, more people and less parking in West Seattle. I still think this is a great community and am happy to be living here!

  • Diane December 6, 2017 (10:34 pm)

    I live in Admiral, 98126; and agree, I’m at Hinds, south Admiral

  • Diane December 6, 2017 (10:44 pm)

    back to topic of new biz; it’s just sad to see the sweet beloved small biz we loved, displaced; then replaced with national pizza chain; the original Small Clothes was in a super cute bungalow on that hillside and the owner had her art studio next door; not very long ago 

  • Huck December 7, 2017 (7:43 am)

    That cute bungalow displaced another cute little building long before. This is not a new phenomenon.

    • Diane December 7, 2017 (3:05 pm)

      how do you know that?  it was likely vacant land

      • Huck December 8, 2017 (6:07 am)

        Diane, i was speaking figuratively.

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