UPDATE: Driver hits pole on Alki

11:15 PM: Thanks to the texter who sent that photo – it is from the 1300 block of Alki SW, where we heard the SFD dispatch after a driver hit a pole. The texter says other vehicles are damaged too. We are off to find out more.

12:15 AM: What’s left of the scene is only affecting the east/southbound lane. Tow truck here, and one police car.

4 Replies to "UPDATE: Driver hits pole on Alki"

  • NorthofAdmiral September 12, 2017 (7:49 am)

    Darn pole came out of nowhere!

  • I. Ponder September 12, 2017 (9:44 am)

    At sunset last night I witnessed the tail end of a collision between a car whose driver made a sudden U-turn on Alki Ave. and a motorcycle who had the right of way and couldn’t stop in time to avoid colliding with the car. I helped control the situation (driver arguing about who was at fault) and called 911 to sort it out. The car reeked of weed. In the haste to legalize marijuana it was heavily promoted as harmless. Many people are driving impaired from weed and Alki is a popular destination. I suspect many drivers don’t think you can get a DUI from smoking weed and driving. Not sure how well it’s enforced. 15 minutes after I called 911, police still hadn’t arrived.

    • JN September 12, 2017 (12:10 pm)

      What scares me is when I’m cycling and a car passes me absolutely reeking of pot smoke. 

    • Swede. September 12, 2017 (1:05 pm)

      People not paying attention to motorcycles in general is a big problem by itself. Happend a similar thing to me wich totaled a $10000 bike and messed me up some (nothing major, but hitting asphalt at 30mph after some airtime isn’t a great feeling…) 

      The ‘weed is harmless’ seams to go hand in hand with all the people that think ‘no smoking’ signs doesn’t aply either… Same for vaping. IT’S STILL SMOKING blockheads! 

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