Firefighters at 34th and Webster, but it’s not an emergency

The Seattle Fire Department crews at 34th and Webster in Sunrise Heights aren’t there because of an emergency – it’s operations training, and SFD says it will continue daily through next Monday. You’re welcome to watch, according to the SFD announcement, which also says there will NOT be any burning involved in this training. While Ladder 11 is parked on the north side of SW Webster in our photo, the training location is actually across the street, at what county records show to be a century-old house.

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  • Richard Dimond September 17, 2017 (11:27 am)

    Jean,  Brenda and I remember when we 

    both worked @ GHC hospital on Capitol

    Hill. We’re happy you’ve been having fun

    after retirement!

    Richard Dimond

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