West Seattle coyotes: 35th SW sighting

Thanks to the texter who sent word of a late-night double coyote sighting: Two in the 5600 block of 35th SW [map]. They wanted to be sure people in the area knew about it before letting their pets roam outdoors; researchers say coyotes’ diets actually includes more wild small animals – rodents, in particular – than domesticated ones. The sightings reports we’ve received over the years are archived here; state experts’ advice on coexisting with coyotes is here.

3 Replies to "West Seattle coyotes: 35th SW sighting"

  • John Morovich April 12, 2017 (3:22 pm)

    It was I who texted this sighting. I didn’t get any picts, but most definitely, the bad boys we saw last night were one of these or related to those in the picts in the related posts. They seemed to be on the hunt in the alley between Juneau and Findlay and 35th and 36th SW  

    • WSB April 12, 2017 (3:26 pm)


  • oldgranola April 12, 2017 (6:57 pm)

    Cool! I love to see them trotting by my hood. Been a bit too long visually but signs are there. Yes please always try to keep your pets on your property regardless anyway thank you.

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