We start this West Seattle Crime Watch roundup with a reader report:

CAR PROWL: From southwest of The Junction, Kyle reports:

My fiancée woke up to her car open and rummaged through this morning at 730 am. The neighbors’ car was also open. No damage was noted and only minor beauty products were stolen. Incident happened in the alley between 48th Ave SW and 49th, and between Hudson and Dawson.

And the following four recent West Seattle incidents now have narratives available via the Seattle Police website:

‘BB’ SHOOTINGS: Police were called last Saturday (March 4th) night at 7:22 pm to a “disturbance” reported at 60th SW/SW Stevens. They found the callers at their nearby home and talked to a victim who said “he was playing at the park playground with his two friends,” when he noticed an “unidentified adult male behind the bushes near him and his friends … (he) felt that he needed to leave the area because he was not sure what the unidentified male was doing …” As soon as the victim started running home, he told police, out of nowhere “three unidentified males started to chase after them” and the victim heard “loud repeating noises as if someone was shooting at them with a BB gun.” A BB, he said, struck his backpack, and he heard “pinging” noises as if vehicles were being hit. The victim and his friends said they didn’t get a good look at the people chasing them, except to describe them as “three males wearing dark clothing.” Police subsequently searching the playground area were flagged down by two residents who said they heard BB gun shots while having dinner at their home; they went outside and noticed a “black 4-door sedan-type Acura or Lexus driving by their house very fast.” One of the residents told police someone in that vehicle “shot at him” and that he was hit in the left arm but he declined medical attention because the BB didn’t break his skin. The other resident said the person shot toward a window of their house, but there were no signs of damage, and police didn’t find any damage anywhere else, either.

SHOOTING THREAT: In the 7100 block of 18th SW at 11:41 am last Saturday (March 4th) morning, police got a call about someone allegedly pointing a gun at a person who had yelled at them as they sped by. The victim reported it was a “dark-colored, 4-door Camry, possibly 2008 model, with dark-tinted windows.” He got a partial plate (redacted in the report). He said he yelled at the vehicle as it spend by; the car stopped a short distance away and someone got out, pointing a handgun at the man and threatening to shoot him, while also calling him the N-word. Then the person got back into the car and drove away. The victim told police the man was black, 20s-30s, 6 feet tall, short black hair with possible dreadlocks, and a black hooded sweatshirt.

BURGLARY: In the 6700 block of 21st SW around 3:30 last Thursday (March 2nd) afternoon, police were called to what originally was described as “suspicious circumstances” but turned out to be a break-in. Someone noticed a gate had been cut and “items strewn all over the yard.” Officers found a sliding door had been pried open at the back of the house, which had been ransacked. Several sheds on the property also had been broken into. Power tools were missing from a shed. Police found possible fingerprint evidence at several points around the scene, including a “coconut drink in the kitchen that may have been removed and touched by the suspect.”

The fourth now-available report is about an incident we covered the day it happened:

ROBBERY DETAILS: We reported on an armed robbery at the Shell station in The Triangle (Fauntleroy/Alaska) last Saturday afternoon. The full police report is now available. It says the cashier noticed a green Honda Civic in front of the business; the robber got out of the car, went inside and up to the counter, put a black backpack on the counter and pulled “what appeared to be a black semi-automatic handgun” from it. The robber demanded money; she took cash from the register and gave it to him. He demanded that the safe be opened and she explained there’s no safe. He then demanded Newport cigarettes, and she “handed him an unknown number” of packs. He then ran out and drove away in what turned out to be a car that had been stolen the day before. The robber was described as an Asian man, 5-7, slim, short black hair, black jacket, black scarf over his face from below his eyes to his neck. Police ran the plate number from the getaway car, meantime, and discovered it was stolen (the plate is redacted on the report, but the incident number listed checks to a theft reported early Saturday morning in West Seattle, in the 5400 block of 34th SW).

(Editor’s note, 10:15 pm: Dates corrected for the first three police-report-narrative recaps)

4 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Five reports"

  • Truth March 8, 2017 (7:09 am)

    I saw that black 4 door (honda) car chasing a white car yesterday. Then out of the sun roof cam a rifle (black with white tip) which I thought was a bb or airs oft gun. I was able to get photo of the license plate of the black car. I contacted to police and reported it and provided a photo of the suspects car. 

  • Eman March 8, 2017 (8:36 am)

    Were the unidentified BB gun bandits. White/Black/Asian/Latino/Albino/Samoan…I think we are all adult enough to handle a race description. I think that may make it a bit easier to find these wascally bandits.  Just sayin….


    • WSB March 8, 2017 (8:41 am)

      What is reported above is all the report says. We include whatever descriptive information is available, when there is a suspect or suspects who are not in custody, as is the case with other summaries in the story above.

  • Boots March 8, 2017 (3:21 pm)

    Any updates on the break-in on 21st? I live on the street, and would like to know what to look out for if anyone saw anything.

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