LAST CALL! Have you told SDOT what you think about Delridge RapidRide, Fauntleroy Boulevard, Harbor/Avalon/Spokane, Chief Sealth Walkway projects?

Earlier this month, SDOT opened the floodgates and poured out updates and feedback-requests for 4 West Seattle projects. Tomorrow is the deadline for most of the associated surveys, so we’re providing the links one more time:

DELRIDGE RAPIDRIDE H LINE: The main question for you in an “online open house” (which we explored in this story) is, Option 1 or Option 2, when Metro Route 120 changes into the H Line in 2020? The survey is open through tomorrow – find it here.

FAUNTLEROY BOULEVARD: After briefings and walking tours, your last chance for feedback on the design, landscaping, and construction detours/duration for this project is at the bottom of the SDOT project page, and tomorrow is the deadline for this too.


Here’s our most-recent report, after going along on both walking tours; here’s our report on last month’s briefing at the West Seattle Transportation Coalition.

Two more projects, both the result of community proposals, don’t have input deadlines, but sooner is better than later:

HARBOR/SPOKANE/AVALON IMPROVEMENTS: This one has changed the official map since we first reported on the feedback phase – look at that link for the old one, which singled out possible parking removal and protected bike lane on the west side of the project, and now mentions (new map below, found on project page tonight) that Avalon is set for paving in two years and that community input might change the design:

The questions SDOT has for you, and the address to use to answer them, are on the project page.

CHIEF SEALTH WALKWAY IMPROVEMENTS: The questions about this project are also on its SDOT page. In this case, the map is the same one made public two weeks ago:

Here’s what we wrote about it then.

You can browse WSB archives of transportation-related stories, including the projects mentioned above, by going here.

4 Replies to "LAST CALL! Have you told SDOT what you think about Delridge RapidRide, Fauntleroy Boulevard, Harbor/Avalon/Spokane, Chief Sealth Walkway projects?"

  • KtotheF March 31, 2017 (11:50 am)

    Thanks! Just submitted my Faunt. Boulevard feedback since I couldn’t make the walks.

    I’d love to see the traffic forced closer together which makes room for street parking. Both will slow traffic, help local business, and help the street not feel like a massive canyon for pedestrians from one side to the other. I’d also swap the bike and pedestrian paths so parked cars opening their doors won’t cause a hazard for cyclists. This suggestions stems from my living in Tacoma where, downtown, Pacific Ave. suffers from one side to the next because of how massive it is. Businesses on one side struggle because of this. This sketch also wouldn’t represent the whole length but is a suggested ideal. I’d love to see bulb-outs with trees and or low, native plantings as well.

  • Neighbor March 31, 2017 (11:05 pm)

    The link was incorrect on the Harbor/Spokane project so if you tried earlier  and couldn’t get through try again. The person I spoke with told me they would still accept comments after today. 

  • Mark April 1, 2017 (12:53 pm)

    SDoT plans indicate removal of the existing right turn channelizatio, in the 2014 count over 600 motorists turned right at Avalon, likely even more now.  Keeping the right turn channelization is off the charts warranted and it is short sighted of SDoT to propose removing it.  They could study the effect of removing it by closing it for a few days and see the result!

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