FOLLOWUP: Complete look at new design proposal for PCC-site project

(Rendering courtesy Hewitt Architects)

One week from tomorrow, the Southwest Design Review Board will consider the newest plan for the 108-apartments-and-grocery-store project featuring a new PCC Natural Markets (WSB sponsor) store at the site of the current one. Last week, architects Hewitt gave a “sneak peek” to the Admiral Neighborhood Association (WSB coverage here); today, their full “packet” for next week’s meeting is online, full of images for various parts of the project plus detailed information on everything from its floor plans to its landscaping. The 77-page packet is on the city website, and we’ve downloaded it to embed below:

This could be the final Design Review meeting for the project at 2749 California SW, which has already had two Early Design Guidance reviews. It’s at 6:30 pm Thursday, March 2nd, at the Sisson Building/Senior Center (4217 SW Oregon); if you can’t be there to comment in person, you can also comment on the project by e-mailing the assigned city planner,

7 Replies to "FOLLOWUP: Complete look at new design proposal for PCC-site project"

  • MacJ February 22, 2017 (6:12 pm)

    Looks a lot nicer than a dingy parking lot!

    • dsa February 22, 2017 (6:46 pm)

      We can disagree.

  • traffic February 23, 2017 (8:48 am)

    Getting in and out will be tough. There are now 3 ways to access- 1 along California, and 2 along Stevens. With this project there will be more traffic, and only 1 in/out point along Stevens.

  • West Sea Neighbor February 23, 2017 (9:01 am)

    Looks great, very spacious store and I look forward to the enclosed eating plaza.

  • David February 23, 2017 (9:19 am)

    Looks great!  Will be a nice addition to the neighborhood 😁

  • Argh February 23, 2017 (12:12 pm)

    So, how many parking places will there be compared to what there are now?  Looks like a loss of over 50%.  At least, there may be more room inside the store – some days it is so crowded, very difficult to navigate.  

    Where will PCC be located during the construction?

    • WSB February 23, 2017 (12:38 pm)

      PCC is closing during construction. We reported last week that they have announced May 31st as their closing day. Deliveries to West Seattle will be available via Instacart, and they have other stores around the area, of course, including the new one in Columbia City.

      Regarding parking comparison, the current details are likely in the Design Review packet but I can’t go look for them right now. Here’s what we reported when the first project plan came out last summer: “The current store has 86 offstreet parking spaces; the current plan (subject to change) is for about 40 underground spaces in the new building, plus the 31 existing ones in the surface lot at 44th/Stevens.”

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