POLITICS: 34th District Democrats’ new leadership

(Photo by @34dems via Twitter)

Our area’s biggest political organization elected new leadership tonight, at its every-two-years reorganization meeting. The 34th District Democrats‘ new chair is David Ginsberg, shown above with Marcee Stone-Vekich, who declined to run for re-election after two 2-year terms. Per prescribed party process, the meeting was convened by the King County Democrats, and then Ginsberg took over after his election.

Two positions were contested: The first to be voted on was state committeeman – incumbent Chris Porter, challenged by Patrick Wicklund; Porter won 43-24.

(Voting in most races involved Precinct Committee Officers – the rules empower them to vote for all positions, while members who aren’t PCOs can only vote for secretary and treasurer.)

Also contested, county committeeman: Les Treall won over David Toledo, 55-12.

The rest of the slate of newly elected officers (asterisk denotes incumbent):

First Vice Chair – Treina Aronson
Second Vice Chair – Michael Taylor-Judd
State Committeewoman – Lisa Plymate*
County Committeewoman – Carrie Alexander
Alternate County Committeewoman – Martha Koester
Alternate County Committeeman – Ted Barker
Secretary – Jason Cheung
Treasurer – Gina Topp

The 34th Dems’ website has bios on those who had declared their candidacy pre-meeting – you can see them here. The group’s next meeting will be 7 pm February 8th at The Hall at Fauntleroy.

ADDED 9:29 PM: One more note from the meeting:

THANKS … to King County Council Chair Joe McDermott and the official @34Dems Twitter feed for info from tonight’s meeting.

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  • anonyme January 12, 2017 (6:53 am)

    Medicare was already partially privatized by Republicans during the Bush administration, with the creation of Part D and so-called “Advantage” plans.  If Republicans want to do away with the ACA, in part because of the mandates, then they need to do the same with the mandates/penalties they themselves added to Medicare – punishing those who can least afford it.  To do otherwise would be hypocritical; imagine that.

  • WestCake January 14, 2017 (7:09 am)

    Hooray for fiscal conservation! Who wants to pay taxes anyway? 

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