WEST SEATTLE ROAD WORK: Endolyne Triangle starts next week


Six months after we first reported on a long-requested traffic-calming plan for Fauntleroy’s Endolyne district, it’s about to become reality. We’ve confirmed with SDOT that installation work starts next week, likely on Wednesday – what you see in the photo above is part of the layout that’s been marked in the area to get ready for the work. As explained in the just-mailed flyer:

This project will change SW Brace Point Drive to a one-way, eastbound street, provide 7 new back-in angle parking spaces, enhance pedestrian crossings with three paint-and-post curb bulbs with plantings, and install on-street bicycle parking. This project will also restrict parking on a short segment of SW Wildwood Place to increase safety.

Construction is scheduled to last approximately one week with minimal impacts to residents, businesses, and travelers. Later this year, we will return to install 12 planter boxes in the new paint-and-post curb bulbs to help clearly define the pedestrian space.

For an even-more-detailed look at the plan, here’s the final design.

12 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE ROAD WORK: Endolyne Triangle starts next week"

  • Brian August 5, 2016 (1:02 pm)

    So you’re telling me the city is adding 7 entirely new parking spaces without apportioning any real estate to build 7 apartment units? This city, I swear! 

    • Marty2 August 5, 2016 (1:15 pm)

      I don’t think there are adding any new stalls, just re-configuring the parking that is already there.

  • Mizliss August 5, 2016 (1:40 pm)

    I can’t tell if there’s a stop sign now to stop traffic coming down Barton where it splits into 45th SW and SW Brace Point. Can anyone tell me? For those of us coming up fromLincoln Paark or down fromArbor Heights, this is a seriously treacherous corner. Thanks.

    • LarryB August 6, 2016 (4:50 pm)

      Agreed. There really should be an all-way stop there.

  • ACG August 5, 2016 (2:45 pm)

    There is no stop sign, I believe on Barton. But with the new redesign, traffic on Barton will no longer cross the center line (at the intersection with the stop sign as you are coming up the hill from Lincoln Park).  That street will be one way only now. Hopefully there will be a stop sign there, still. It is tricky coming out of Arbor Heights at that intersection.  But, with traffic that is coming down the hill on Barton no longer crossing the center line to get onto Brace Pt, that should help a lot. Folks coming out of Arbor Heights will still have to wait and watch those coming up from Lincoln Park, but at least won’t get T-boned by folks flying down Barton. 

  • Scallops August 6, 2016 (8:51 am)

    Finally! I lived at that intersection for 36 years. I called the city continuously .  I called 9/11 for accidents, comforted people who got hit and I helped buses navigate the turn. I worried for everyone who uses that intersection…hopefully now it will be better for all.

  • Deb August 23, 2016 (7:16 pm)

    Could this have something to do with the “grocery store” (ha) going in on the corner? Are they adding funds?

    • WSB August 23, 2016 (7:51 pm)

      No, it has nothing to do with the future market. The plans for this long predate the plans for that, if you look at our archived stories.

  • Confused August 23, 2016 (7:44 pm)

    Yes, there are are 7 new back-in parking places on Brace Point, but they are removing some along Barton/Wildwood AND ALSO removing perhaps one more parking place in front of Joe’s for on-street bicycle parking!

    i want to know if this is a net gain or net loss of parking?

    And why do we need an ON-STREET BIKE RACK?  There is already a bike rack on the sidewalk and I’ve NEVER seen a bike parked there.  (Personally, I do not believe that this is a case of “if we build it, they will come,” as I was told by someone at SDOT.)

  • Don Brubeck August 24, 2016 (12:34 pm)

    The bike parking is adding parking, not subtracting. Customers who come by bike are customers. The bike parking adds 8 to 10 customer parking spaces for every auto parking space replaced.  Lots of people, and often in good size groups, get to the bakery by bike in particular.  It’s a good way to justify the extra calories. 

  • Paul August 24, 2016 (1:48 pm)

    I’ve never seen a car parked where they’re showing the bike rack going.  Can we have more ON-STREET BIKE RACKS?!?  I ride there all the time to stop at Joe’s or mid ride for a bakery snack and have often had to freelock because the rack is already taken.  This is GREAT!

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